How come Russian men are so much tougher/manlier than guys from other countries?

99 percent of Russian men are so bad ass. they make American men look like little pussies. why is that? is it the way they were raised or what? how did they become so tough and manly? seriously, even Russian boys look tough and more manly than most grown American men. they don't even look like boys, they already behave like men. the fact that they are more aggressive/superior street fighters is also impressive.

why are they so much tougher? any ideas?


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  • because russia is still a wild fairly uncivilized place where it's tough to're very likely to get robbed/kicked at any intersection. You also learn about how "crap" life is early: here's an example of a playground : link

    Here's another example of something you gotta know how to deal with link

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      lol at the second pic.