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How come Russian men are so much tougher/manlier than guys from other countries?

99 percent of Russian men are so bad ass. they make American men look like little pussies. why is that? is it the way they were raised or what? how... Show More

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  • because russia is still a wild fairly uncivilized place where it's tough to live..you're very likely to get robbed/kicked at any intersection. You also learn about how "crap" life is early: here's an example of a playground : link

    Here's another example of something you gotta know how to deal with link

    • lol at the second pic.

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  • "little pussies" LOLLLLLLLLLLL

    I trained them and I`m a good disciplinarian so that's why they are so tough.

    • LMFAO stfu, they are also much more manly than the fish and chips guys.

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    • lolololol! you're funny but too weak to compete with me. go back and play with your dolls. thanks.

    • at least I`m not an anonymous p**** ^^ Thanks.

  • i don't know whyy but its true they do look tougher one is I think because of ther accent and I think they were raised to be tough

  • What are you talking about?!? This question is a huge generalization.

    You said ''they are more agressive...superior street fighters'', guess what, MANY men from my country (Brazil) are awesome fighters, and known all over the world, and I know MANY brazilians guys who are not manly at all...you can't judge people based on their nationality...

    Oh, and by the way, the tough and manly men stereotype that I know is about german men, not russian men.

    Once again, I don't agree with any stereotype, it exists for one reason, I know...but every individual is different.

    • i am german and most german guys are wimps. by the way, most brazilian guys are definitely weaker than russian guys. you need to accept it. it's a fact.

    • I don't think most german guys are wimps at all.

      And based on what you're saying that brazilian guys are weaker than russian guys? How many brazilians guys do you know? hun?

      I don't need to accept anything, 1st because it's not a fact, 2nd because I never said brazilian guys are stronger than german or russian, or whatever...

  • 99% LOOOOOOOOOOOL check your facts hun :). there's a variety of shapes and sizes whatever country you go to. Russia is a little old fashioned though, in reguards to gender roles so you're more likely to see more 'manly' men in Russia than in some other places purely and simply because of these traditional gender role. though in saying that, my family is from the Ukraine, which holds a lot of similarities to Russia, and my male family members born in Australia are still quite 'manly' or 'bad ass' both in physical appearance and character in spite of being born and raised with Australian values as opposed to Ukrainian

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  • In Soviet Russia, man hunt you.

    • in soviet russia Car drives you

  • Since I'm a Russian myself (boom, big suprise!):

    Actually I don't see how we're more tough or badass than any other nation's men out there. Surely we have many differences in our mentality when you compare us to western nations, but not in being tough or something (majority of my American friends find us way more cold blooded and cool headed in extreme situations, hatred towards political correctness and less whining when it comes down to bad service, i.e. we won't sue McDonalds for coffee being too hot).

    However, there are some things that may have affect on young guys:

    * Army. Unlike in many countries, males in here are summoned to the army for 2 years, do they like it or not, usually at age of 18. Those who are summoned aren't getting paid or something, they are just being trained for "just in case". And don't expect any good attitude in there towards your person: you're on your own once you get in there.

    * Europeans often consider methods of raising young boys brutal and ruthless.

    * I known a few guys who had to start learning martial arts at very, very young age just to protect their mothers from alcoholic fathers.

    * Poor and/or cold parts of Russia. Russia is nearly 2 times bigger than USA ( link ), so obviously it's impossible to make a good life for everyone. Survival is a problem in those areas and it has pretty strong influence over personality, especially when you're a child.

    * Russia still didn't recovered completely from fall of USSR, thus life ain't that simple even in big cities. So when your parents at age of 7 explain to you that you can't rely on anyone in this world but yourself, it also has an effect on you.

  • Because they trained in the gulags

  • Good question Comrade!

  • And this is why Ivan Drago from Rocky 4 is my inspiration, minus the 'roids.

  • Lolmustbelessevolved

  • Vodka.

  • It is a well known fact that living in a sh*thole makes people tougher. If that is something you want to be proud of, then go right ahead I won't steal your thunder.

    • There's a reason all the best Russia athletes live in North America.

  • Lots of Americans are pussies, I'll give you that.

  • Dude, I'm from Afghanistan. Do you think that Russian guys are much tougher than us. I agree with you that American guys are pussies.lol

    • Dude I am an American and we've battled with the Taliban in North East Afghanistan. From Bagram to Jalalabad or JBAD as we call it. Sir we're not the pussy YOU are

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