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Is it ok to ask my girlfriend to wear this costume?

I purchased a Catgirl costume for my girlfriend for an upcoming Halloween party we'll be attending. She doesn't know I got it for her, I want it to... Show More

come on girls give me your response

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  • Woah. Like, wear it out to a party? I wouldn't. But I'm not your girl, and she might have no problem with it. The best thing to do would be to introduce the idea slowly. Show her the costume, and then explain about the tail. Make sure not to pressure her about it and she may end up doing it just for the kinky factor.

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  • she may feel uncomfortable wearing a buttplug tail all night at a party. I don't know your girlfriend, but I know that I would feel extremely awkward.

    i suppose you could ask her.but don't make her feel bad if she doesn't want to wear the tail.

  • When I first started reading this I was think "sounds like a good/cool costume" but then I read the but-plug thing. I wouldn't do that for my BF, but your Girlfriend might, it depends if she is kinky or not. I would have advise that you got a costume without a prop that goes up the ass.

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