What do you find attractive about Hispanics?

I love my culture and the confidence that a lot of us have. I think it's the confidence that I find attractive. Some may call it being cocky but I just love it! Plus, I personally think Hispanics are very attractive in general as far as appearances go haha.

What do you think? :)


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  • Like:

    -The variety of cultures. Hispanic isn't a race, it's an ethnicity. There's black Hispanics and white Hispanics and regular Mestizo/Native Indian Hispanics. We come in all colors, shapes, weights, heights, hair colors, eye colors, backgrounds, religions and races. We're so mixed and diverse it's amazing

    -The food. The variety of culture means variety of food. The foods are all so different and yummy

    -The language.


    -Negative stereotypes which are more than often true. *We* don't speak English, *we* are all illegal, *we* are all MEXICAN(this irks me), *we* all get pregnant at 15/16, *we* all end up dropping out of highschool, *we* all have bad attitudes, *we* are all on government assistance, *we* all have anchor babies, *we* are all futureless

    -Hispanic guys, mostly the Mestizo ones, tend to be short. I'm not a fan of that, but eh.

    -The Hispanic culture, like the black culture, is more prone to heart disease and diabetes. I'm bi-racial, my mom is non-white/non-black Hispanic and my father is black and I'm especially bugged by this. *Our* foods are generally yummy, but unhealthy:O

    -I don't like the fact that a lot of the negative stereotypes are indeed true. Hispanics have the highest high school drop out rate as well as the highest teen pregnancy rate. I don't like that and wish more Hispanics would become something besides working at McDonalds.

    -I cannot stand how people are too ignorant as to differentiate between Hispanic and Latino and how people think all Hispanics are Mexican...really? But that's more of the general population than me disliking something about out culture

    *Hispanic and Latina(o) are NOT synonymous.

    I'm Hispanic


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  • Nothing, really. I find Hispanics around me to be really hot headed and drama filled causing more fights then necessary. I wouldn't want to date a Hispanic girl as a result.

    • Sounds like you're surrounded by the wild kind. I know what you mean, I've known them myself. Yet I could say the same about black people I've grown up with who somehow equated my red hair with Nazi Germany or the KKK without question. Yes, we didn't get along, but they don't all see me as such. You just got a bad taste of the worst kind is all.

  • i love the Spanish language =)

  • I like everything about them especially the exotic looks/humor/gorgeous face-body :) also I like their music too actually and food aswell.

  • I think there are pretty women from every cultural and racial backround. I think the same things that I would find attractive on a hispanic woman are the same things I would find attractive on a white or black woman or an asian. nice teeth- nice body- nice personality and confidence are all abundant in every race

  • Curves and nice butts.

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  • I think every race have beautiful and ugly people so no race is superior than others. I like Spanish culture because they are family oriented very similar to Asian culture.

  • yep the confidence you guys have is pretty awesome. and I like how you guys are so family-oriented like us asians.

  • I love Hispanic look...They have sex appeal;) Most of the women have natural big butt and natural thick long hair,so their natural appearance make them very special!

  • I like the playful temperaments, dark hair, short height and large lips --- among other things. I've always gotten along well with latinas (both native and european) and asians.

  • I don't know...some are sexy and they sound sexy in spanish...lol but anyways...beauty comes in all forms. Sometimes they are ugly hispanics too lol.

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