Cute random things to do for your girlfriend?

I've been with my girlfriend for almost a year :) and I like to do cute little random things for her, but I need a few new ideas plz!


Most Helpful Girl

  • * Buy a mixture of choccies and a mixture of lollies

    Get a cute little box for it

    Put mixture in box and wrap box with a ribbon :)

    * Back rubs / massages

    *Put love notes in her pockets when she's not looking - ha ha :)

    *Do cute things like.. write I love you in a note and stick it on the mirror. She'll have to look in the mirror to read it.

    *Dedicate songs to her on the radio


    *Take her out shopping maybe?

    *Or you don't have to do all the lovey dovey stuff, maybe just play a game of scrabble together! haha. Or maybe go swimming/ bike riding together. Just spend time with her. :)