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Cute random things to do for your girlfriend?

I've been with my girlfriend for almost a year :) and I like to do cute little random things for her, but I need a few new ideas plz!

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  • * Buy a mixture of choccies and a mixture of lolliesGet a cute little box for itPut mixture in box and wrap box with a ribbon :)* Back rubs / massages*Put love notes in her pockets when she's not looking - ha ha :)*Do cute things like.. write I love you in a note and stick it on the mirror. She'll have to look in the mirror to read it.*Dedicate songs to her on the radio *Roses?*Take her out shopping maybe?*Or you don't have to do all the lovey dovey stuff, maybe just play a game of scrabble together! haha. Or maybe go swimming/ bike riding together. Just spend time with her. :)

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  • Leave love notes for her to find, like on the bathroom mirror when she takes a shower.Flowers. Even a single daisy or something is so sweet. Any little random gift she likes - my boyfriend will bring me a coffee once in a while because I love it. Doesn't need to be big. Tell her specific things you love about her.

  • Try to put her favorite candies in her pocket without her noticing (works better when it's not chocolate! Jolly Ranchers or Starbursts are a good way to go). Maybe make her a mix cd with her favorite songs, that's always cute.

  • Sticky notes with sweet messages :) put them in odd places.. on her stearing wheel, bathroom mirror. find out her favorite flower and randomly give her some. Find a song that says how you feel or reminds you of her and tell her to listen to it. Those are a just some things I would like lol oo if you can, a picnic in the park, that is so much fun ;)

  • flowers :)

  • Get a jar and write down 365 reasons why you love her and tell her she can read one everyday for a year

  • My brother got his girlfriend a charm bracelet. Every now and then he surprises her with a new charm for it. I thought that was pretty cute.

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  • I have a female friend who make's a personalized crafts for her like a pillow for her bed or hangers for her closet.

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