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Thoughtful Christmas Gift for my Boyfriend?

My boyfriend and I are both 20 years old and have been together 4 years this March. I always try to think of the best creative presents because I... Show More

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  • If there are songs that remind you of him or have some special meaning you could put them on a CD and then write down why you chose each song. My sister did this once and I thought that it was a cute and simple idea.

    • I've thought about doing this for my guy except I'd be the one singing them. There's a favourite song of his that I can't stand that I was going to put on there. I think he'd get a kick of that.

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  • does he like a sports team? I just got done making this for my friend who is a fan of the buffalo bills - you could make him a fleece blanket either by sewing it or tying cut pieces around the edges . its pretty simple . and then to make it more personal you could somehow put the year and stuff on it

  • Last year I got mine a digital photoframe and put pictures of us on there, and some of our pet ferret (don't ask) and some of me wearing very little ;)

    I suppose it's quite similar to your first one though.

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