HELP!! What should I do? I'm Broke!

I have a date tomorrow night with a girl who I like and have been trying to get to give me a chance. Well, I finally got her to and we are going to a nice seafood restaurant tomorrow night. There's only one problem. I made the mistake of taking her out during christmas shopping time! Now if I go ahead and continue with the date as planned I can't get go christmas shopping for my family! So, what do I do? I'm not ditching my family for her and they WILL have her presents if it means cancelling on her, but how do I break it to her?

False alarm... she ended up cancelling on me because she wanted to pay for herself and was going through the same financial troubles I was, it being xmas shopping time and all.


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  • Ok, I'm sure you can find some time to go shopping.Christmas is like 7 days away, so you should have some time. I would not cancel on her! Especially since it was so hard to get her to go with you, this will just make you look worse. Maybe go Christmas shopping together? And let her help you pick out some gifts and then pick out one for her? And then ask her if she doesn't mind eating at like the food court in the mall or something (something cheap) since money is tight in hard economic times like now. I'm sure she would understand if you explain. Bottom line: Don't cancel unless you must! Take her shopping w/you b4 yall go to dinner and maybe go somewhere cheaper.i'm sure she won't mind unless she is stuck up or something.


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  • Um, this doesn't really make much sense. Christmas is still a week away. A date is only a few hours. If you cancel, she probably won't give you another chance: your story just doesn't really make sense.

    If it were me and you canceled, I would probably never accept another date from you. If you're not willing to do a little extra work, you don't really need a girlfriend anyway!

    And seriously, I think you're letting Christmas stress make you crazy: You're not really making sense.

    • What do you mean do a little extra work? I don't get paid in between now and then, so any extra work I do won't show up until the paycheck after christmas.

    • Oh, now I see what you mean.

      Don't you have a credit card or a friend who could lend you some money? She'll probably understand if you tell her you can't afford it right now, but it makes you look pretty bad & she may not give you another chance. It's kinda your job to make sure you can afford a date before you ask!

      You could ask her to substitute a cheaper date and do the expensive dinner after xmas. Some guys don't realize that a good date doesn't have to be expensive.

  • ask to barrow money from someone?


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  • Ha! Both broke. You're made for each other.

  • "Sorry, I can't do the seafood restaurant. Can we reschedule?" Sooner the better, in case she wants to make plans.

  • Christman shouldnt be about presents and no a girl should care about money just say look I like you a lot and I want to have a gerat time with you, but I have no money because of teh holdidays if she says she understand then your safe but if she sasy no and loses ineterst you don't need someone lik eher.

  • that happend to me twice the first time I had to make other payment like my car so I called and asked for a deferment on the payment so I can pay it next paycheck. and take the girl out. last one I told this girl I had to help my dad with some money she understood I didn't break it off I told her I would take her the following weekend