Why is she acting so distant from me?

Ok there is this girl that I met in Japanese class. Also she is Japanese. I don't know if that means anything but I just figured I'd add it. Anyway we hung out about 5 weeks non stop and we talk all the time. Hanging out 10 hours a day, and she wants to be only friends. But yeah were hanging out... Show More

Also the way she acted drunk is the way she use to act when she was sober and hanging out with me for the 5 weeks we spent so much time together. So I don't know why she acts so distant sober and so normal when she's drunk.
What dose it mean when she seems uninterested when with me and interested when drunk? Why would she not care if we talk or try very little to even keep talking if she likes me. If I did accidentally express something more would she go back if I give her space?

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  • First of all, this is totally a cultural thing. A lot of non- Asian people misinterpret the behavior of Asians around people. They like to joke, tease and playfully kick guys. But this does not necessarily means that she is interested in you. Maybe you gave her a sign that you wanted more than a friendship with her and she does not know how to react. So she goes and ignore you or get distant a little bit, that is her natural reaction. You probably did not say anything wrong or offensive to her. It's just that you guys were getting too close and she realized that. Maybe, her behavior means that she does not want more than a friendship and that's her way to show you that. She is not telling you anything because she is probably shy and she will not tell you upfront, that is a cultural thing- sometimes they could be very ambiguous.

    I am an Asian girl, and I have been studying different cultural behaviors. I have gone through the same thing too and have noticed that guys usually misinterpret my nice behavior. They think that because I get too close with jokes and blah blah blah. I like them, that might not be the case.

    However, maybe she likes you but she is shy and does not know how to behave around you or how to tell you...

    • Honestly I do like her. I never would persue a more personal relationship then best friends unless a girl says. I understand what your saying.(she may think I'm to close or she likes me) But how come she would know how act before and not now.

    • I did not get your question? can you expand on it?

    • She could mess around with me before so why not now? If she does like me then why would that make her change how she acts around me? If she doesn't like me and wants some distance would she go back to messing around with me if I give her space?