Why won't my ex-girlfriend come get her stuff from my house?

Alright, me and my ex girlfriend dated for 3 years and she broke up with me. The end of our relationship was sort of rough and I think she broke up with me because I was a dick. I took it a little hard in the beginning, but I left her alone and tried not to show her how much she hurt me. After... Show More

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  • She is using her stuff as a way to stay connected to you. When she speaks to you about it she is hoping that you will tell her that you would like to see her again & maybe work something out- but, all you say is "sure, come get your stuff" & that is not what she wants to hear from you.

    The stuff she has left behind cannot be that important to her if you have had it for a year now. If you are really serious about this other relationship & know in your heart that she is not who you want to be with than I would put her stuff in a box & deliver it to her.

    She needs to know that you have no intentions of ever getting back with her so she can stop playing games & move on. My ex has been doing the same thing to me for 3 months now- he calls telling me he needs something he left behind & when I say come anytime & get it he either never shows up like he said or comes over & takes just a few things & leaves other stuff saying he'll get it some other time. He still has things of mine also, but when I ask him for them he says "yea, I'll get it to you when I get a chance". I still do want my ex back but, he is seeing another woman now, so that is why I'm allowing him to do this to me but, it hurts every time he comes to get something because it is like we keep breaking up over & over. I hope you get things taken care of soon because it is just prolonging the end of things with her if you truly want to be with the one you are seeing now.