Should I get him something for Valentine's day ?

about a week ago my boyfriend who I love dearly broke up with me because he found messages from me and a guy friend and we were joking around but my boyfriend wouldn't believe me and said we were sexting when we WEREN'T because I would never do anything with the kid. I still love him like you'd never believe and regret all of it. I've done everything to get him back from running away from my house at 2am to talk to him, giving him time to himself to even taking his hurtful insults like I'm a slut a whore and I should die in a hole.

I really love him and he still loves me but says that he doesn't want anything to do with me but then says he wants me in his life and now he doesn't. My last idea or attempt to get him back is sneaking into his locker and filling it with balloons and a card that just says happy Valentine's day for of course Valentine's day. I'm just scared he's going to get pissed and my plan will be a failure so should I go through with it or not?


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  • And this is why you don't flirt with other people (even if you're being completely innocent about it) when you're in a relationship.

    I don't know what you can do aside from saying "I f***ed up. I shouldn't have been flirting with anyone else. I didn't really realize what I was doing, or how you would feel about it. I know now, and I swear it never went any farther than that, and it will never go even that far again".

    If he chooses not to believe you, there's not much you can do about it.

    Filling his locker with balloons isn't sound like something that would win me back over, so I don't know how your boyfriend's going to take it, but I'd assume at the very least, it wouldn't accomplish what you're trying to do.


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  • sure, why not? you've already been primed to receive his plan for controlling you. he's got you offset, off balance and off your rocker if you think getting into his locker is going to bring any respite form his treatment of you. noo, if you do something like that, you will only be confirming to him that you are frimly in his grasp. and there will be no mercy. be prepared to be told how to walk talk eat dress shutup clean act hide lie takeblame run suffer, etc...get the picture?

    • yea I get what your saying and looking back I do look pethetic but I just really love him and can't see myself with anyone else :(

  • I say go for it. In the card appologize and ask for a chance to explain yourself. I had a similar inccident once, I was texting a girl (long time friend) and my ex saw the messages and flipped. It took about a week and half to settle some nerves. Be patient and carefully explain it to him.

    • gotcha, thanks (:

      I'm just terrified he's gonna spazz at me cause he kind of has like anger management problems :/

  • Don't do it. He'll come around. The guy sounds pretty dooshy, quite honestly. Talk about insecurity. Not attractive.

    • lol your like the billionth person who's told me he pulled a douche move, I just don't get why I can't see it :/

    • Regardless what you think, it's dooooooshy

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  • Might as well, it shows you still care about him. If he gets pissed, then just give him some space, he will have to realize on his own that it was nothing about you didn't mean to hurt him.