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What do I buy a 43 year old man for his birthday today?

Hi I'm 28 the guy that I'm dating is 43 in I don't know what to buy him for his birthday today any good ideas in please be honest in positive thank... Show More

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What Guys Said 4

  • Viagra.

    • lol

  • Two silk ties, and you can tie him up with it later. Bring out the camera and say you want to have a little fun. Offer him a full body massage with oils.

    • o that's nice I'm thinking about doing this thanks

  • You asked the same question two hours ago.

    • yes I know but I'm not getting the anwsers that I want so if I don't get a good answer I think I'm just going to have to figure it out myself.

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What Girls Said 2

  • a blowjob every hour

  • How long have you been dating? Are you just dating or are you in a relationship?I mean, sure, have a fun time in bed, but once that 1/2 hour is over, you actually might want to have something romantic to fall back on, like a cake and card, something that is more romantic than sexy. Of course, if you are not trying for a relationship, then stick with sex.

    • we been dating for 3 months now but thanks

    • A guy you are dating for 3 months shouldn't be expecting a gift, especially if he is 43. Most guys kind of get surprised when a girl gets them a gift. Planning a fun night or relaxing night is the best option.