Start text conversations?

How often should I start text conversations with this girl?

I think everyday is too frequent, and makes it seem like you're desperate.

So girls, how often do you want a guy to text you, and guys, how often do you text a cute girl without making yourself seem desperate?


Most Helpful Girl

  • I don't care how often the guy text me. I will talk to him everyday and I'm not going to see him as desperate either. I mean we're just getting to know each other. Now if we're dating longer, we're not always going to have time for each other. Why not take advantage of the opportunity.


What Girls Said 5

  • It doesn't really matter as long as you're not texting her every second of the day...It's always better if she's not expecting it.

    I think it's sweet, just don't make a big fuss if she doesn't get back to you right away.

  • The best thing a guy can do in my opinion is send me a cute text. The more unexpected the better. Whether it's ten A.M and you send her one that says good morning or just text to see how her day is going. I have never thought a guy looked desperate because he texted me.


  • i rlly don't care how much a guy txts actually flattered if he felt like he wanted to txt me evryday! it wouldn't seem desperate at all

  • Text her but not constantly. Maybe a good morning meessage.

    Or a random text during the afternoon saying something cute


What Guys Said 4

  • I text them every couple of days or so, but the funny thing is that they text me when I don't start it.

    So I'm not sure.

    Don't bombard her with texts, but like said earlier, the good morning thing every once in a while works same with good night (but that depends on the time and if she has her phone nice and quiet at night) or even at night you can send her a text and ask how her night is going.

    Just occasionally test the waters to see if she wants to talk and if she does then she'll send you a text that you can respond to, unlike the generic "fine" and "lol." Those are pretty much convo enders.

  • I agree with Mallo...definitely not everyday, but don't be routine with waiting 2 days either...she'll pick up on it. I'm in the same situation and it's hard to wait, but its probably better. She even texts me if I wait!

    Again, agreed with Mallo...if you get the one or two word responses...STOP THE CONVO!

  • only if its very important, would be the best time, I'm a big texter, but I only get responses from the most important ones i.e. holidays, deaths etc... other than that if your constantly saying hi and stuff, it gets annoying, ya know?

  • I mean I guess it depends on the girl. The girl I'm talking to now I text her in the mornings, or at random times in the day. Sometimes I just don't text her for a whole day. So when she does text me first to it means she's thinkin about me. So just play it by ear depends on what the girl likes or finds annoying.