Please suggest a suitable gift for a girl?

a 17 year old girl ... who is a very good friend of mine ...

any suggestions would do , please help asap :D


Most Helpful Girl

  • Since summer is coming up you should buy a children's plastic beach pail with a little shovel and then fill the bucket with some candy she likes (: and maybe sunglasses?

    • ooh? what kinda suggestion is tat?!

What Girls Said 4

  • a Starbucks coupon and a perfume?

    • no perfume , she giftd me one...

  • Maybe a gift set from Bath& Body Works, a gift card, a cute t-shirt maybe

  • Depends on what kind of girl she is... A book, bath and body works, a movie, pre-ordered Halo 4, a Three Days Grace tee-shirt.

    What is she into?


What Guys Said 2

  • a gift for a friend ? how about a gift card for a restaurant or store she likes, although I'm not exactly sure why your buying her a gift as it doesn't sound like a romantic thing

    • nah nothing romantic ..

      suggest some optns, that's what I'm telling

  • Is this girl a potential romantic option?

    Because otherwise, a simple card will do.

    Maybe a Starbucks gift card too.