Are Asian women forbidden to date/marry/screw American men?

I have been receiving some disturbing news the past year here in college. People are saying that if these lovely women get involved with American men, they are forever disgraced back home in Japan, China and Korea. Is this true?

Also, I'm told from numerous sources(including the Asians themselves) that the women who are interested in us are only looking for US citizenship, zero amount of love is involved. If this is also true, is there any hope?


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  • Everyone is different. Some women marry for love/soulmate, most women marry for a family, some marry for green card. Some even marry just to leave their parents.

    In every Asian country, local men criticize women in their country marrying out, as they see women as a kind of resource.

    In the old days where U.S. and western countries were much richer (compare with Asia), Asian women did marry American men for a better life. Now things have been changed. Educated and wealthier Asian women are seeking men of good qualities for their life-long partner, not a bread earner.

    If I were you, I would worry about the cultural differences. Firstly, Asian women do NOT accept casual dating - that is an insult. Sex is for husband only, not with other men! Those who jump onto your bed, be aware.

    Once you are involved in a sexual relationship, you're supposed to "take the responsibilities" as a husband. If you don't, you're a bastard. You may be able to run away, you may not, and beware of karma (or curse).

    Once married, the marriage is supposed to last forever. If you don't do your best to make it work, you're not a good husband. If you have affairs, you're worse than an animal.

    In U.S., marriage is only a "partnership". It lasts as long as it works. To Asians, marriage is holy and it should last a lifetime. A husband is supposed to care about his wife, financially and emotionally. He is supposed to at least send some money to his parents-in-law.

    Never ever think that you should split the expenses at any time. Man are supposed to look after his lady. If he cannot do it, he's not ready for a marriage.

    The reason for such culture is because in Asia, women are so disadvantage in society. They can hardly find a good job. Income is much lower and work-place sexual assult can be big problem. Asian women have to find a husband that can support the family and feed their babies. Asian women, in general, are much less physically strong. They need good care and comfort from their lovers.

    I hope this help you understand more about Asian girls. If you're seriously looking for a wife, God bless you. If you're looking for some great sexual experience, I would suggest you tell them at the beginning. If they don't mind, you're fine.

    Asian women who get involved with Western men are not looked down back home because they want to marry a Western man, they get looked down because they sleep with different men. People think they are dirty and shameless. So, please, act like a descent American man.

    • Wow. Will you marry

      omit that last line from the records.

      Good answer! :)

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    • I do :) great answer

    • For some parts I do agree

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  • There is a large part of that which IS true, if you're speaking about Asian women FROM Asia. For Asian Americans, it is not so much of a problem. Forever disgraced is a pretty heavy statement, but typically traditional families do want their women to marry within the same ethnic background, yes. And as for the citizenship thing, that is also true for a number of people, but never doubt that there are honest ones out there too.

    • Is there a way to tell without falling for the trap? Much as I want to claim that I am mature enough to know a player, I would probably fall in love with a woman who's looking for green card and divorce me the moment she steps off the plane!

    • Aww ha ha let's hope that doesn't happen. Well they're usually on a timeline because they can't let their visa expire, so the relationship may move really quickly. It'll seem like theyre really into you, but in most cases it will just be really aggressive and she'll always be pushing for more serious things. I mean some are really good at hiding it, but that's what I can think of right now

  • Lmao no. My mother is Korean and is still married to my father (who is white). She was not disgraced by her family even back when they did get married (she was 18).

    There are also those exceptions though. I'm sure there are some that this happens to, but definitely not as much as you might think. Other countries (who aren't third world) are becoming more "Americanized" and things are not how they used to be 100 years ago.

    • So, it's a case by case situation. One woman and her family would be all for it even though I'm black. The next family would start firing off guns.

  • I am Dominican & my ex is America! I didn't date him because he was American but because I loved him. I don't think all Spanish date American to get the US Citizenship, we can just take a test and get it our self.

    About the Asian thing, I have notice they mostly go out with their race, which is pretty messed up because currently I like a Vietnamese...

    • Hmm, maybe I should look into the hot latinas eh! Then again, aren't all women married once they turn 18? Seems like there is a major lack of available Latinas around here. I think the men have the market pretty much locked down. *sigh*

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    • I am from Michigan where the trees grow tall and the women are frozen. Currently in Ohio but it can be equally cold!

    • Lmaoo

  • Umm I'm half Asian, my dad is white and from New York and my mother was born and raised in Tokyo Japan. People don't usually notice I am because of my eyes, but yeah I'm just as much Asian as I am American. And my parents are very much in love, my mom speaks perfect English, as she left Japan at 18 years to go to college here, with the intention of going back home when she finished. But she met my father, they fell in love and got married. And had my sister and I. It is not true that they aree disgraced, we travel to Japan every year, and my mothers parents and my aunts love my Dad. Especially my Grandfather they talk on the phone regularly. My mother is still a citizen of Japan though, and has her green card. She's been living here for about 30 years now. just thought I'd share.

    • Happy that you shared your parent's success story. I wonder if I personally have a chance because I'm black. I have been told to beware the "gaijin lovers."

      BTW, you are a hottie!

    • Hah and thanks!

  • um, not really, at least from what I know/experienced...

    if she's uber-conservative and residing in her homeland, then her parents will kill her for bringing home a guy anything other than Asian (especially if he happens to be Hispanic or black).

    for the most part, Asian parents who've been in America for some time celebrate when their daughter brings home a white/Asian dude...

    i know a lot of Asian girls who are gold-diggers, but never heard about their US citizenship being a reason...

    • Once again, I must work extra hard in the world for being black. *sigh*

  • Forbidden is not really suitable word to use...

    However if you truly like or want to know an Asian lady, then You have to drop the thought of what biancaitian said in Asia women do not date casually. and once your are involved in sexual relationship you have to be like a man and take up the responsibility. one night stand is not welcome.

    As for dating or being disgraced back home, at least here in my country it is not seem as disgrace. Infact interracial r/s is so common that I wouldn't be surprised to see white and Asian couple.

    Different women look for different goals in life, some yes they marry to get out of poverty but some are really out to look for true love.

    Be genuine if you really want to know an Asian lady

  • Wow, you ask a lot of questions about Asian women.

    It's because you American men don't have a good reputation.

  • I don't want to discourage you but ya. Forbidden is probably the wrong word. At least here in Japan it's not against the law to date or marry American men but it's looked down upon. I guess it depends a bit in the city people are typically more open to this and if he lives and works here and has fully integrated himself here a lot of families wouldn't mind that much. But there are really tons of traditional families that would like to see their daughters married to japanese men.

    And yes a lot of women that go for American or European men are after a money and visa. My parents are very wealthy but there is an amount of poverty here that would probably be considered insane by European standards and thus many people see a better life in getting visa to Europe. I'm saying Europe here because European citizenship is generally more desired than American, but the same is true for America to some extent. So yes a lot of women will be after that only

    The last part is that western men dating in Asian countries haven't exactly made the impression here for the past year. A lot of people think those men are coming here because they I can't get a woman at home (and it's probably true a lot of times) and you can't blame families for being concerned that he won't treat their daughter well or will take advantage of her.

    I think you're best bet at finding that is not after a green card is dating women from wealthy families, but those typically very picky. Particualry if you go to china, for obvious reasons

    Hope that helped

    • Obviously I'm talking about Asians who live in their home country, not Asian Americans or Asian Europeans. That's a completley different story.

      Just saying because a lot of people here seemed to give a lot of examples of Asians living in America. That is not the same

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    • Hmm, just when I thought my language study would change their moods. Maybe they are being deliberately polite? I dunno.

    • I'm sorry I don't think I understand?

  • no, they do. but it is always preferable that they date within the race. many dated or married white men for status, but as that status is declining greatly, they are branching out less. If you're going for the overseas gals, YES, 99.9% are looking for a green card with the exception of a notable few. Also, many Asian women are dating other races now too. So, just try to approach and be genuine. Love can over rule any arcane traditions and rigid cultural normatives.

  • No not really. They are only forbidden to date/marry/screw blacks & Hispanics. The rest they have no problem.

    • Isn't that typical eh? Us Blacks are left out again. Just can't buy a break in the world

  • Ha, it probably is true. It sound like something that would be said. I've heard of A LOT of mexicans looking for green cards but I don't know about the other ones. And they may be disgraced but, if nobody knows about it I don't see what the big deal would be


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  • One must have a realistic view:

    There are about 7 bn people on this planet, of which about 600 million live in the US and the E.U.

    The frontiers of the USA and the EU are nearly closed to immigration. Green cards aren't easy to get.

    Among the ca 6.3 bn in the third world, NOT living in the USA and the EU, there are bound to be a lot of people who will do many strange things to get a better life in the USA or the EU.

    Many people risk their life crossing frontiers illegally. Many die between Africa and Europe, for instance.

    Marriage is one of the very few legal possibilities left to them.

  • if you are talking about actually dating women in their native country, yeah. I don't know if 'forbidden' is the right word, but (particularly in Japan) women tend to want to stick to their own race - so this disregard isn't limited to Americans. This is particularly odd considering the way women are treated in Japan.

    As far as Asian women who have left their country, all bets are off.

  • Reality check bro. Japan doesn't like Americans for the fact they don't honor their culture. Japanese women are supposed to say "yes" when offered marriage. But American men abuse that. With that said, no they do not like American men, and prefer to stay homogeneous, which I respect far more than this society without culture. It is not likely. I've a few japanese female friends who are models, they dislike America and its perversion and even mention how their people do not like it, this much is very clear. is all hope lost? no. But I don't see why it matters to you with how they do things.

    • If the Japanese don't like our culture, why do they copy it so much? Hmm...

    • What do the Japanese "copy"? Their culture isn't anything like ours in the slightest regard.

  • i think ALL women in the world are "forbidden to date/marry/screw American men", even our women. from what I have seen

    • I'm beginning to believe that *sob*

  • it's not true, it all goes down to tradition from what I know some families are strict on being with their own kind but these days those traditions aren't followed. My friend is indian and his fiancee is chinese not a big deal as long as you guys can love one another then there is no issue

  • To the vast majority of the Asian community yes.

    You may have some here that will make you feel good by saying it isn't true, but to the vast majority of them that is the case.

    Their parents don't play that.

  • No I see a lot of brothers messing with asians.