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What would a 34 year old guy want for his birthday?

OK I am 22 this year so I can't afford anything too expensive. Please give me some general ideas everyone..

i am seeing the guy

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  • A friend of mine (a girl) came in to see me from NY.

    She gave me a key chain. I think about her every time I use it.

    The only thing that I can think of that is a lot more intimate would be take him to a XXX show?

    I don't know if your into that type of thing.

    • This is such a brilliant idea! I think I will take him to a burlesque show plus dinner and drinks now... thank you so much!

What Guys Said 4

  • A nice cologne. Not a really cheap one but I'm sure you don't mind spending in between $40 to $70 for a nice cologne as a birthday gift. It's not too expensive compared to the really expensive ones.

  • Electric shaver

    • Great answer. Any high end shaving accessory (for his actual way of shaving - electric or regular) within your budget is a great idea and will be used. Go to the Art of Shaving and tell them your budget (they are mostly about blade shaving). A top-end aftershave is something you'll get to enjoy big time (on him).

      In electric shavers, I like Norelco - their top-of-the-line (or one down from top of the line) shavers are wonders of technology.

    • thanks but isn't this more like a son / daughter to father present?

    • only fathers grow beard ?,Gift him a cologne

  • I'm guessing you know what he's into and likes? How about what Staceyzee said? A gift card for his favorite store? Then it shows you were genuinely thinking about what he likes

What Girls Said 4

  • Here are a few ideas.


    -A birthday card with a $20 gift card in it (to his favorite store).

    -A night out to the movies.

  • Bj

  • My boyfriend is turning 30 this year, trust me age is just a number. He still likes video games lol. He told me he might want a certain game if it comes out by then. Since you guys are seeing each other just listen to him, I'm sure he'll drop little hints for you. Or since he's a guy you can always just ask and he'll tell.

  • I would think punany.

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