Christmas gift for Engineering major boyfriend

My boyfriend is a mechanical engineering major and is super smart. He loves Lord of the Rings, building things, and is kind of a nerd. Any suggestions on a good Christmas gift?

My thing is that he loves anything to do with engineering or the company he coops with. all of his interests revolve around it. I can't afford any of the tools he wants for his shop so I was looking for other things. but thanks for the advice


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  • ah. Nerds like to represent how smart they are, and they love things that are funny.

    Get him a funny math T-shirt! :)


    • Thanks for the link this is a fantastic idea!

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  • Lord of the Rings 10 million of them

  • You know him more then us. Just because I'm studying bioengineering and worked in the computer science area for 10 years, doesn't mean I want a bioreactor, gene gun, or the latest version of some software development package for Christmass. =P Why don't you look at his hobbies, you know those things he enjoys doing in his free time.

  • Get him a Lego thing.

    • He does have a thing for legos!

  • if by building things you mean things like model cars then id say get him a model to build or tools/accessories for building them or a gift card for a place that sells that stuff.

    also agree with amuse about getting something that actually pertains to him not just his major...


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  • I'm studying in engineering and so is my boyfriend, my brother and all of my friends. They all love Skyrim (it's a computer game) but your boyfriend is likely to have it already since it's very popular. Minecraft is popular too. And they all love old school gaming consoles (Nintendo 64 especially, but it might be hard to find). I don't gift my boyfriend some "engineering" stuff though. I think about what he likes the most instead, like photography stuff or stuff for camping and outdoor activities. Just like this other guy said, focus on what you know your boyfriend likes. Of course if he's in engineering he'd find a use for a motor or a beiring - something like that - but it doesn't mean he'd like it more than anything else.

    Also, last minute idea, a flying simulator. All aerospace engineers crave that thing. I think it's around a 100 bucks or something. It comes with a special headpiece and a joystick and it allows you to control the simulated plane as if you were flying in real life. When you turn your head, the camera turns with you on the computer, etc. If he's into that, I'm sure he'd absolutely love it.

  • The best gift for nerdy mechanical (and electrical) engineers is an Arduino. link Especially if your boyfriend wants to go into control systems.

    It's a prototyping board, and you can do some amazing things with them. They're just fun to play around with, and can be useful in projects. :)

    Arduino project examples: link

  • Tickets to the premier of the Hobbit! Since he likes Lord of the Rings.

    • Thanks! I didn't even know there was a new one

    • OH yeah! ha ha comes out Dec 14th.

  • LOTR action figure!