How do I not come off as awkward at this holiday party?

I'm going to a holiday party where there will be all sorts of people in my professional field. I'm still in school for it, but it's for all people who are studying it and who are actually doing it.

The problem is that I'm most comfortable when I'm with myself or in groups of 2, sometimes 3. I'm more myself and funnier and less approval-seeking and more confident. However, in greater groups I find I become more of an observer and am generally ignored and when I do try to make a comment, I try too hard.

So I'd rather just go around and talk to people who are alone or in small groups.

However, I know people will be turned off if they see me walking around alone. And I'm sure there will be stretches where there's no one to talk to so I'm just standing there, looking pathetic. Doesn't help when trying to get girls.

Even worse, a girl I'd been crushing on for a long time (and failed to try to get) will be there and, worse, she's so into my friend, flirts with him like how she used to with me, so they'll all be in a huge group, while I'm like a nomad.

I should have invited one of my friends (we're allowed one guest), but it's too late now.


Most Helpful Girl

  • The best way to not come off as awkward is to be confident (or should I say "fake confidence"). Don't be conscious of yourself and be present at the party. Be aware, have a good time and make yourself heard.

    Now's the time to bring your charm into the party. If you walk alone, walk confidently. Maybe talk to a random stranger, or someone you recognize and make friends.

    If you find yourself "generally ignored", make a good impression and find a Great Way to say your comment and then use that opportunity to steer that group in your direction. Be the leader in that conversation and have an insightful perspective to share that makes people want to listen to you.

    Practice in the mirror how you're going to display yourself. If you find yourself nervous in a group, find one person that is less intimidating in the group and imagine your talking to him/her only.

    As for the girl, forget about her for minute and just enjoy yourself instead of worrying about her. If you happen to talk to her, stay friendly! And after a while, excuse yourself and go back to being At the party. Who knows? You might end up amusing yourself and actually become the life of the party or someone everyone will remember and want to know.

    Hope this helps! :D