I'm angry that I can't stop myself from my temptations... ugh.

I apologize for how vague that title is, haha.

To make a really, really long explanation short:

There's a dude, he has a girlfriend. We're all young (under 18).

He knows I know about her, and whenever I try to seriously talk to him about how I don't want to flirt/"hook up" with him because of her, he always plays it off. He's even used the excuse that he's broken up with her.

Now, I know any normal person would say to themselves "this is wrong. I'm going to stop". Well, I can't seem to stop, and I hate myself for it. I hate what could happen to her, I hate that I'm being used, I hate him for saying how much he loves her, then pretending she doesn't exist. I hate how lonely I am. Ugh.

God, what's the point of this question? Haha. I guess... How can I talk to him about it seriously? I don't want him to keep avoiding the subject. Other than that, I suppose you guys could just write your thoughts, and tell me things I should do, and how.



Most Helpful Girl

  • just avoid him completely. do not communicate with him. not even to explain to him of how you feel.

    for some people actions speak louder than words! he prob one of them!