Never been kissed...

I am 18 years old and I have never been kissed, had a boyfriend, nothing. I have never even had my hand held. All of my friends are in relationships and I feel like I am doing something wrong or that I am just not what anybody wants.

I am in my first year of University and I thought that this could be my new start, but I seem to be stuck in the same vortex I was in in high school. I am shy when you first meet me, but when you get to know me I become a lot more outgoing and fun.

I am not someone who doesn't party, but I don't over do it. I have a good balance and I know my limit. I like to try new things and push myself to expand my comfort zone.


Most Helpful Guy

  • Aw, I'm surprised no boy has wanted to kiss a pretty face like yours. Well, you said yourself you are only 18, that's still very young, it's far, far from being too late. Shy people have it harder, you'll have to push yourself to put yourself out there. Be sociable at the parties you go to. Don't be afraid to approach guys at parties and strike up conversations. I wouldn't be offended if a young beauty started talking to me.

    And make sure boys you are interested in know it, especially if you think they might be interested in you. Boys your age are shy too, have insecurities, and usually wait for unambiguous signals before chancing asking a girl out (and sometimes even then they still can't work up the nerve lol).

    Look, you're very pretty, you have the looks covered. Just be more out there, so more people, particularly guys, will notice you're more than a pretty face and an awesome girl.