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Will you give it to every girl?

Let's say the situation is like this. You are holding 2 apples, and you help to unlock or open a door as a favor to someone. And a girl passed you by... Show More

I am just trying to find out how most guys will react and their reason. So please try to answer as if you are picturing yourself in that situation. Thanks!

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  • Maybe it was a friendly gesture or maybe there was a connection.

    • that's why I am asking, if it were you, will you give it to any 1st girl who passed by? Even though you are not attracted? I am not saying what does it mean when a guy do that, I want to know what most guy will do and why.

    • Would give the apple to create a bond with her. (Sign of interest / affection if attracted)

    • thank you for the answer :)

  • It depends, am I hungry? If I were hungry, then she wouldn't get my apples but I might try to get her number.

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