Can you speak another language? If not ,which one would you like

to be able to speak and why did you or would pick that language?

Thanks. Spanish and English seem popular. xd


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  • I can only speak English.

    If I were to pick another language it'd be Spanish.

    I've always loved the sound of the language and always wanted to learn it.

    Not just that the father of my child is Hispanic (but doesn't speak it has well).

    We have a kid together, and I'd love my kid to learn his own language

    • Why the thumbs down? when all I did was answer the question.

    • i know, I gave you a thumbs up there. thanks.

    • Ty

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  • The usual we learn here in Belgium: Dutch, French, German and English. My English is really good since I go to the UK quite often, got rid of my American-Dutch accent and sound English now :-) My German kinda sucks, I only learned it for two years and my French could be better but isn't horrible.

    I'd like to speak Russian and Spanish or Italian.

  • I speak Dutch, German, English and French.

    I'd love to be able to speak Spanish, Japanese and Norwegian. Portuguese would be quite interesting, too. But I'm yougn and I'll do it at some point eventually anyways.

  • I speak English, Mandarin, Japanese, Cantonese, and a little bit of French and Korean. I'd like to master French and Korean soon, and perhaps learn Italian and Spanish someday. :)

  • I speak a couple, English ob. Polish, German, Farsi, Spanish, Maori, I would like to learn every language possible. I don't believe the world should have so many barriers..

  • Fluent Farsi and English :) little Japanese

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  • I am a native Greek and English speaker, speak fluent Japanese (picked up it from high school onward) and advanced Ancient Greek. Also I have some rudimentary German and Italian and Spanish language skills. I intend to learn German in time and am also very partial to French.

  • No. I'd like to speak Chinese, though. That or Hindi.

  • I speak Swedish and English fluently, but I can speak some French as well.

  • I speak English, Spanish, Hebrew, and a little Arabic and Russian.

  • If I had tons of spare time, I'd pick to learn Arabic, Mandarin, or Russian. Learn one of those, and the odds of you getting a job with the CIA go way up.

    • Sooo... you wanna protect the president! as a profession? o.0

    • The CIA doesn't work on protecting the president, that's secret service.

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