Can you speak another language? If not ,which one would you like

to be able to speak and why did you or would pick that language?

Thanks. Spanish and English seem popular. xd

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  • I can only speak English.If I were to pick another language it'd be Spanish.I've always loved the sound of the language and always wanted to learn it.Not just that the father of my child is Hispanic (but doesn't speak it has well).We have a kid together, and I'd love my kid to learn his own language

    • Ty

    • i know, I gave you a thumbs up there. thanks.

    • Why the thumbs down? when all I did was answer the question.

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  • i speak Spanish :)

  • I speak Filipino and English and I can understand a little japanese, I really want to learn japanese.

  • I can speak English and a bit German and Sweedish. I'd like to be able to speak every language that exists ^^ I'll start by learning Korean and Russian

  • Well, Russian is my native language but I would love to speak Italian, Japanese and Swedish :x

  • I speak English, Mandarin, Japanese, Cantonese, and a little bit of French and Korean. I'd like to master French and Korean soon, and perhaps learn Italian and Spanish someday. :)

  • I can speak basic Japanese. I'm going to keep learning it :D

    • nice,me too.if you wanted to friend me you cud tell me hows it going for you.:)

  • Spanish, English, Italian. I know bad words in German and Russian :D! I wanna learn those languages though, not just bad words! :]! Fick dich hure! :P!

  • My native language is English but I'm currently learning Spanish and Quechua so I can speak with my family in Peru who barely speak English. :)

  • Spanish is my native language, so I speak mainly English and Spanish.I took three years of french in high school so I know some but I'm not sure to consider that as another language I can speak lol

  • yes, I speak a little French.

  • English and German. English is my mother tongue. I want to learn Russian. I may be in over my head with that, but I'd still like to try.

  • i speak English, Sweden, Spanish and Portuguese but I wanna learn Korean one day

  • I speak English and French. French is my major English is my minor. And I am also studying Spanish!

  • Fluent Farsi and English :) little Japanese

  • i would like to speak Spanish, Chinese and Arabic when pple say rude sh*t

  • Russian, English, Korean

  • Does sarcasm count? I actually don't speak any language other than English, I'd love to learn how to speak Italian and Russian. My father's family is Italian, my mother's family is great grandma speaks russian and ithought it would be really cool if I could have a conversation with her in Russian, and I don't know I guess I'd feel closer to my father if I talked Italian (never met him) :P

  • Spanish & Italian

  • I'm fluent in English (obviously) and American Sign Language. I would love to learn French or Italian because they are beautiful languages, or something obscure and pretty like Celtic or Gaelic. But as I live in California, I should probably be learning Spanish, but the Spanish around here is all ghetto and ugly so I think I'll pass.

  • I speak English and Trini Dialect. Trust me, that is a language by itself. But I am in the process of learning me some Japanese. :)

  • I'd love to know how to speak German

  • I would like to speak Italian because I am half Italian and I'd like to live there... Right now I can understand Spanish and speak a little bit of it too.

  • I took 3 class of American Sign Language but I would really like to learn Italian.

  • I speak English (obviously), I'd say I'm semi-fluent in French and I started learning Italian a while back.The list of languages I'd like to learn is exceptionally long. I think its important to learn as many languages possible.

  • I only speak English. But id like to be able to speak German and French. Will try and learn when I have some free time after I earn my degree.

  • I can speak Italian

  • I speak a little of Spanish and German

  • I speak a couple, English ob. Polish, German, Farsi, Spanish, Maori, I would like to learn every language possible. I don't believe the world should have so many barriers..

    • Sounds good. : )

    • wow. we should be friends :)

  • im English but I speak fluent Portuguese , a tiny bit of french and German and id like to learn Latin and Chinese

  • I speak Dutch, German, English and French.I'd love to be able to speak Spanish, Japanese and Norwegian. Portuguese would be quite interesting, too. But I'm yougn and I'll do it at some point eventually anyways.

  • Dutch :)

  • I learned some Spanish in high school - three years worth, and I loved it, but didn't keep up with it after I graduated. I still know a lot of the basic vocab, but am bad at conjugating the verbs. I'm taking it again in college and I'm hoping more of it will stick this time. I've always loved the Spanish language.

  • Me and my two sisters are the only people on my family's side of the family not to be bilingual. Kinda embarrassing (I blame it on being first gen Australian).I'd like to learn ANY language. Sinhalese would be great (it would be cool to be an ambassador or something), Spanish, French, Mandarin, German, Gaelic... anything. lol

  • I speak German, English, Serbian, French and a little Spanish.I'd love to learn Chinese!

    • haha thanks.

    • Yes, isn't it? :)) nice question of yours :)

    • ah, that's smart thinking. :)

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  • I can speak English, french and I'm learning the grammar rules of Spanish! I wanted to learn italian but I was convinced that Spanish is close to italian so when I fluently learn it, then I'll know some italian.

  • I can speak both Spanish and french.

  • I speak Greek and English is my second language :)I would like to learn Arabic, Russian, Italian and Spanish :)!

  • I speak English and Spanish.Spanish is my second language. When I speak it to customers at work people are so amazed but to me its just communication. I never stop to think "oh I am speaking Spanish" because that is the language besides English I grew up listening to and learning in my house.Now back to your question. I would want to know french because I have a lot of french friends

  • I speak Spanish

  • I only speak English.But I wanna learn two other languages after that if I wanna learn another I wil.I wanna learn: 1-- Spanish (catalan) forsure 2-- French / Italian / Dutch

    • no prob. :)

    • So do I :3 lol...awww thanks man...i appreciate that...same to you :)

    • true.Spanish speak pretty fast don't they,lol Good luck doing it so. :)

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What Guys Said 12

  • Portugese

  • No. I'd like to speak Chinese, though. That or Hindi.

  • speaking: English, dutch and a little french.wanna learn german so badly but just don't have time :(

  • I speak English, Spanish, Hebrew, and a little Arabic and Russian.

  • well my primary language is English, how ever I grew up in a border town between the U.S/Mexican border and my mother is also Mexican, Ironically I never took the time to learn Spanish, (not fully anyway) I could understand it however I cannot speak it, or very little of it, once I get that language down I am going to learn Japanese, either that or Mandarin.

  • I speak English, et je parle francais. Il est tres difficile! Mais il est tres cool! Sorry if my French isn't very good. I haven't taken a class for two years!

  • I am a native Greek and English speaker, speak fluent Japanese (picked up it from high school onward) and advanced Ancient Greek. Also I have some rudimentary German and Italian and Spanish language skills. I intend to learn German in time and am also very partial to French.

  • i speak English, russian and I'm lerning armenian. I also speak Spanish but I can't say I use it very often

  • I can speak Russian, and am learning Hebrew.

  • I speak Swedish and English fluently, but I can speak some French as well.

  • I speak Latvian (my native language), English, Russian...learning German, and after that I guess I'll take another one.

  • If I had tons of spare time, I'd pick to learn Arabic, Mandarin, or Russian. Learn one of those, and the odds of you getting a job with the CIA go way up.

    • The CIA doesn't work on protecting the president, that's secret service.

    • Sooo... you wanna protect the president! as a profession? o.0