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Girls and guys what is on your Christmas list this year?

What's on your Christmas list for this year? :D Mine is... 1. New clothes 2. New Fastskin 2 ( since I'm a competitive swimmer) 3. New Xbox... Show More

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  • 1. Some money would be nice :L

    2. The movie "the art of getting by" and "the perks of being a wallflower" when that one's out which I don't think it is yet.

    3. Some tights, you have no idea how quickly I go through them.

    4. Health, I've got the flu at the moment.

    • Lol, tights tear so easily, my sister goes through them like crazy. Lol

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    • If you can find the brand, like at a dance/figure skating shop, Mondor makes really good tights. The skating tights in particular last and last, given what they are designed for... I have had some pairs for years (which is good given what I paid for them), that have seen me through hours of skating practice and I wear them out and about in winter.

    • I've skated for years and I own pairs or skating tights but I feel they are definitely too thick for what I need them for. Plus the straps that Velcro under your feet are noticeable in some shoes.

What Girls Said 24

  • 1) One of those new IPods

    2) Some Itunes gift cards

    3) Fuzzy socks with aloe

    A puppy or kitten would top everything else and I would donate all my gifts for just one tiny puppy or kitten :) but that's not happening...not likely :/

  • I don't want anything but money would be nice for when I do lol

  • 1. Snow

    2. warm socks

    That's pretty much it to be honest- I'm looking forward to seeing my cousin and her husband and my friend when they come home for the holidays. And it's nice to have a week off of course...

  • 1. 2nd earlobe piercing link

    2. Tragus piercing link

    3. Fake plugs link

    That is all.

  • New pair of running shoes, and some gift cards.

  • Money and a laptop bag. Especially money. My boss doesn't give me enough hours for me to buy textbooks.

  • A sack of potatoes

  • Longboard

  • 1. Whatever my boyfriend got me.

    2. Urban Decay Vice Palette

    And with holiday money, Bare Escentuals or a manicure, neither of which I've had for a while and could use.

  • 1 - ''whatever my boyfriend bought me''

    2 - a new bag

    3 - some new pairs of fluffy sleeping socks

    4 - lots of chocolates

    • lol number one is EXACTLY how I worded it in my head as I clicked to open the question. lol

    • lol

      i know my boyfriend got me a bracelet anyway xD

  • Clothes(mostly sweats and victoria secret)


    I-phone 4, cause It's cheaper

    Black glitter toms

    and maybe some jewelery or something else nice.

  • 1.) Anime

    2.) Yaoi Manga/Shoujo Manga

    3.) Clothes

    4.) Gift Cards

    5.) To see my love interest

  • Books or art, cute things for the kitchen.

  • Blackops2

  • I really don't want any gifts. I can pay for all the things I want on my own :) There are things that I want, but I can get them by myself. My dad already bought me a big smart T.V. and that's a lovely gift, but other than that, I'm happy if I get nothing and just get to spend time with family <3

  • stuff for my garden, stuff for cooking, stuff for camping

  • just random items for my kitchen and garden...I am not expecting much.

  • I haven't had a Christmas list since I was 10.

  • nothing material just a new life...

  • Money


  • I want a boyfriend this Christmas!

    • GL on that. I want a Girlfriend for Christmas too!

    • High five to lonely Christmas!

  • A hot make-out sesh ;)

  • I'm too old to have a Christmas list, my mommy and daddy don't fill my stalking anymore.

What Guys Said 12

  • shadoww, in my stocking.

  • New clothes, cologne, PS3, laptop computer

  • Nothing, not expecting anything and not getting anyone anything. link

  • More gym equipment, supplements...

  • Nothing. I haven't asked for anything for the past 5 years or so.

  • I want to see the pure excitement on all of my niece's and nephew's faces as they open their presents.

    I'd love to have a girlfriend, but I don't see that happening in this short amount of time, but oh well.


  • All I wanted was a soprano saxophone and possibly my first girlfriend.

  • Japanese girls with no restraint!

    Choking me out until I faint!

    Is all I really want for Christmas, this yeeeaar!

  • 1) Family

  • Nothing...

  • I really really really want an iMac but they're way too expensive, so I want chocolate instead. I like chocolate. :)

  • The Special girl I know and hope to make my girlfriend. That's all I want for Christmas!

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