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When do you open your Christmas presents?

To those that celebrate it, when do you open your presents?I do it early Christmas morning.

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  • most early Christmas morning but other gifts I either open Christmas eve or Christmas night after dinner depending on when my family comes over

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What Girls Said 15

  • Christmas Eve with my Grandma on my dad's side, Christmas morning with my parents and brothers, Christmas day with my Grandpa and step-Grandma on my mom's side, and Christmas night with my Mom's mom. Gotta keep all the grandparents apart. :/

  • My mom NEVER gives me my Christmas present on Christmas. I might get it next week or maybe in September!My boyfriend opens presents on midnight.My grandparents open on Christmas day

  • Christmas Eve/ morning :D

  • I open them early Christmas morning too :)

    • You have no patience ;p

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    • HAHAHA! And I suppose you want a photo of this?

    • =P

  • I did it Christmas eve this time but I normally like to do it Christmas morning. I guess now that I am older its lost the same excitement.

  • When I was a kid we always went to midnight mass on Christmas eve and opened one present before bed, then the rest on Christmas morning. This year my mom sister and I spent Christmas eve together and opened presents before bed. I spent the morning with my boyfriend and opened presents with him. :) then we spent the morning with his family and afternoon with mine. What did you get and give?

  • 1/1/13

    • How come?

  • Christmas is not about gifts. I love my friends and family but I don't get gifts for anyone. I may get gifts throughout the year randomly but not on holidays. and people know that but some insist on getting me something and I'm always polite and open it in front of them so I can show them that I like and appreciate the gesture:) but seriously, all of you, don't get me any gifts! I'm not the grinch; I just don't think holidays are about presents, that's all:)

  • 9th December. I'm Australian but have Ukrainian heritage so in our house we follow the Ukrainian religious calendar. Ukrainian Catholics have their gift-giving on the Feast Day of St. Nicholas (9th Dec) and then have Christmas Day as a day of soley focusing on Christ, this falls on January 7th.

  • Usually when midnight hits, we open presents.

  • When I was younger, it was early Christmas morning and some presents opened on Christmas Eve at my grandma's when she was still alive. Now that I'm older, it's whenever when I and my family wake up. Still the morning. Like today, it was at 10am.

  • When I wake up :P I gather the gifts separate them from under the treetell everyone to hurry their butts up and sit downthen we open the presents :)

  • 25th at 12:00am

  • We always do it Christmas Eve night, after dinner and before dessert.That way we all have Christmas Day off and are free to just chill. We all usually have to go back to work the day after, so having the day completely off is always appreciated.

What Guys Said 6

  • My household is traditional...first thing in the morning, we go to the tree and rip open gifts! :)

  • at night, after the big family dinner

  • When I was a kid we would go either the 5 clock mass or the midnight mass. My parents would switch it up. Whether we went to 5 clock mass or midnight mass, Santa would come to the house while we were at church, so whenever mass was done was the time we would open presents. As time went on, and only half the people in my immediate family would attend church, we started opening them around 9-10 pm on Christmas Eve. This year, my little sister was leaving for Chicago at around 5 so we ended up opening them around 4 PM on Christmas Eve which is the earliest I had ever opened them. I have never opened Christmas presents during Christmas morning (when the sun is up)

  • Start quite early on Christmas morning, end at almost midnight...We do it slowly xD

  • When I was a kid it was always one on Christmas Eve, the rest on Christmas morning.

  • Whenever I get around to it. I've got things to do like yawn and scratch my balls. =D

    • You always make me laugh.

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    • Nope, you should lie in the piles naked :p

    • Well, duh! It would be the best Christmas present ever!(Kidding :p)

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