Got a make-up gift, though I don't wear make-up: what to think of this?

It is from my mother, I got some sort of make-up kit as a gift. I'm 22 and I never wear make-up. This certainly sounds stupid but it was enough to spark some insecurities of mine. Is she trying to tell me that I need to "beautify" myself if I want to stand a chance with men (I've never had a... Show More

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  • she isn't doing it to bash you, she is trying to help, even the most beautiful girls look better with some makeup. past college or even high school, not wearing makeup is IMO the face equivalent of going outside in pajamas.

    • I've thought about it and honestly though I know it's not her aim, I can't help but feel a bit insecure over the whole thing. The best comparison I could find, was that of a slightly chubby girl that is fine with her curves that gets a weight loss program as a gift. Even if it comes from a good intention, with the aim to make her "look better" it still says "you're not beautiful the way you are"

    • And I understand that it can be required for women to put on some make-up when they work but I'm not past college yet.