How do I get my mum to meet his mum?

we have been dating for a year now and his mum wants to meet my mum, however I don't know how to convince my mum to go over to his ect, what can I say to convince her? please don't say that I think he may be the one or that were getting serious because she dose not like that stuff, please help me.


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  • Even though Christmas has past, have him and his mother over for New Years! It'll be fun and relaxing for everyone. Give your moms alone time so they can talk and get to know each other more. Usually when a parental figure says they'd like to meet the parental figure of the person you're dating - this means that they're trying to get a grasp on this person's upbringing. Your mom probably isn't trying to make a new best friend at this point. She's simply scoping out the moral value(s) instilled in the young man you've chosen to date. And who better to get this from than from another mom?


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  • Short of killing or maiming him, I've no earthly idea.

  • Just say: "My future mother-in-law wants to meet you."

    On a serious note, just say "[boyfriend's name here]'s mom wants to meet you." That should be enough to convince her.

  • Take them all out to lunch.

  • Why would she wanna meet your mom...well invite your mom to his house

  • Maybe they could meet somewhere in the middle? Like go out for lunch?

    Anyways, you should just tell her about it, don't assume she'll say no already.

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  • I would suggest you just take them both out for lunch. Just be upfront about it and say 'I think it would be nice for you both to meet, as we've been together for a while now and you both mean a lot to us. We'd like you to get to know each other'

    No harder than that. Good luck!