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New Year's Eve ideas for a healing relationship?

2012 was pretty sour for my 5 year relationship and I need something creative for this NYE. The problem is I'm a student and budget has been really... Show More

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  • Spending time with each other. The physical presence of both will communicate a lot, that no other luxurious stuffs or how much money can ever top.

    A walk in the park, strolling around until the final countdown and watch the fireworks display.

  • Kinky sex, plain and simple. Try to get him to orgasm right as the new year "comes in". Then look him in the eye's and say "happy new year baby, let's start this year off right" or something like that.

    now if you really wanna be different I'd have a kinky pillow fight with him and invite some of my trustworthy hot female friends to join the fun. Make sure all of you are wearing something sexy though.

    hope this helps!

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