Should I still give my boyfriend his Xmas gifts if he didn't get me anything?

My boyfriend and I have been going out for 3 months. The passed few weeks, he's been bringing up his financial problems and how he can't even afford Xmas presents for his daughter.

i haven't seen him to exchange Christmas gifts yet, but I have a feeling he didn't get me anything. (1.should I be upset about this? I mean, he could've at least made me something, right? but I doubt he did =[ )

anyway, I ended up getting him cologne, a DVD, and 2 gifts for his daughter, equaling about $120. A few days ago, I told him I got a couple presents for his daughter and he's like "that's really thoughtful of you. I hope you didn't get me anything..." I didn't reply.

I want to give him his gifts because he really means a lot to me, but will that just make him feel worse if he didn't get me anything?


Most Helpful Guy

  • could tell him that you wanted to get him something because you care about him, but that you understand that he's broke and don't need or expect anything from him. Tell him that your relationship isn't about material things and that, while you expect things to turn around for him eventually, your gifts are meant only to show how you feel. Don't make him feel worse!

    Of course it's possible that he couldn't be bothered, and, yes, I suppose that he could have made something for you, but a lot of guys are pretty clueless in that department. He may just need some gentle training, but you were motivated to get him something and I think it's fine to follow through with that as long as you don't use it as a stick to beat your relationship to death.