Ex dating much younger girl

my boyfriend and I broke up after 3.5 years together. he had been texting a new girl behind my back. he acted as if he was upset about the break up but a week later he was bragging to his friends that he has a 'hot new girl'

he is going to be 29. I'm not positive on her age because my ex hesitated when I asked him. she's either 22 or 23.. but again, he hesitated so she could even be younger?

my question is - what could a guy his age have in common with someone that young? is it only for booty? what substance is there?

its not that I'm jealous and I know there are a lot of girls who are mature for their age.

i just want to better understand a guy's thought process on the whole matter?

and I realize age difference isn't that big of a deal when you are older.

i just feel like in your early 20s you are just starting to figure out what you want. his friends have told me that she's just arm candy and there is nothing else there besides her looks. he's not even taking her out on dates just likes having her around.


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  • It's not that he's into younger women, just has no defense against them. They're like frolicking puppies, with cute little tails and big puppy dog eyes, and we just want to pick them up and play with them.

    I meant, he just wants to pick them up and play with them. I'm impervious to their flirtatious nonsense.

    Younger women are a draw, on the serious side, because they release men from the responsibility of their own age group, allowing them to feel younger. It's one more way of going off into his own little world with someone fresh and new to being on their own. And by the time a man is his age, he can afford all the things a young girl needs: car repairs, rent, clothes, jewelry, etc.

    Some young women are so in need of assistance they can actually drain an old fart's entire bank account before he realizes it. Thus enabling all the old women to laugh and gawk at him as he orders off the dollar menu for years afterward. Of course, all the old women have forgotten when they were a hot 18-22 year old causing car wrecks when they walk down the street...

    Yeah, you're right, actually. It's the sex.

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      lol thanks for the comment. honestly this guy has no money. I would pay for 90% of our dates, I bought him groceries, he was unemployed when I met him & had a 2ND dui. I turned his life around,motivated him with his job & getting back into school. he can barely pay his rent& he borrows money from his mom for gas &some bills. I guess when I met him I wanted to save him? I naturally see the good in people & overtime fell in love with him. but anyway.. I'm not sure theyre going out unless she's paying

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      thats what many of my friends have said too- the part about someone his age wouldn't have him.

      i know now that I'm older I wouldn't put up with a guy like him. I am no into my career , bought a new car, saving for a house. he just doesn't seem to have his head on straight yet with any of those things. I tried helping him, but I guess he will be the person he wants to be.

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      It's sad more older women don't take us slackers under their arm. Why do we only get picked up by older women if they're our middle school teachers? I need a new car and a better roof over my head.

      Sure, I'm a slacker, but I'm well endowed, was a great massage school student before I dropped out, and can cook with the best of them (although the cleaning part is lost on me).

      Where are all the 50 year old wealthy divorcees and career women when I need them?

      I'd be a good kept man.