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Has he suddenly changed his mind?

I've been talking to this guy for 3 months now, we constantly talk everyday, before and after work. We both admitted how much we liked one another... Show More

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  • Don't doubt your mutual feelings. He just caught up spending his time lavishly with his friends.

    He also has a life, and he doesn't have any committed responsibility to you yet that he'll return any text/message you send him.

    He's still interested in you. I'm pretty sure that he'll be able to reignite your relationship with each other when he comes back.

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  • Sometimes people enjoy losing themselves in a romance with no real stability, and quickly move on to the next exciting thing just as quickly as they came. I can't promise that's what happened with this guy, but it's very possible he met someone new or is involved with something new that is now holding his attention. Considering you never met after 3 months of talking, it's hard to see it as something "real." More of like a fantasy land, or a break from reality.

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