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What do you do when you don't hear from your boyfriend for a few days?

I haven't heard from my boyfriend since after New Years. I don't know what to do.

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  • doesn't sound like a good thing. how long have you been dating? have you ever gone this long without talking? did you have a fight? Have you tried to call/text him? If you haven't tried to contact him you should do soThis sounds bad either from a personal (his own personal life) or a relationship standpoint

    • I've been dating him for almost 2 years. I've tried to call him and text him. I've tried to inbox him too.

    • yeah that's weird. It makes you wonder if he's OK or if something else is wrong. good luck whatever happens!

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  • He could very well be thinking the same thing. It's like as game of relationship "chicken" where both people are worried that the other hasn't called, and in reality all that's needed to solve the issue is to make the call yourself.

    • When I did he turned his phone off

  • obvivously some communication issues here , how would you normally contact him ? on cell phone ? internet ? why is it so hard to get in touch with him

    • I usually call him on the phone. If I don't call him we talk on the internet. But lately his Ex girlfriend have been telling him if he is stressed to turn his phone off. I'm trying to figure out why is he listening to her and not telling me his problems

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    • But if he was why waste my time trying to be in 2 relationships

    • Well he hasn't contacted you for well over a week, so maybe you're no longer in a relationship w him anymore and he's just in one w the ex girlfriend. Guys do this cowardly break up thing where they just stop talking to you. Sounds like this is maybe what happened w you. At your age guys are incredibly immature. I would move on if I were you.

  • Call him.

    • I've tried and he doesn't answer

    • Is he still alive?

  • You need to contact him and see what's going on.

    • ok

  • Did you call him?

    • yes

  • I would think everything bad I could xDIs she dead? Has she dumped me? Is she alright? Did she made some mistake and can't talk? I would go crazy about it xDIt is normal that you are worried, but it may be so many things that the only solution is to actually talk to him. if he doesn't show up, try to speak with his family (do you know someone of his family? Mom, Dad, Brother, Sister, ...)

    • I know all his immediate family. But I can't get ahold of him

  • I would relax think "Well if he doesn't talk to me in the next 4 or 5 days maybe there's something wrong."Who knows maybe somethings happened and he's really busy and he just hasn't thought to check his phone and inbox

    • Ok

  • he made a new year resolution of not cheating on any one so he dsnt want to be in touch..what you can do is move on and analyse tht year boyfriend is a jerk..because he could have just sent you a text if he really wanted to be with you ..sorry but that's the reality.. tc babes..

    • u sound like you know everything

  • Call Him ! He is waiting for you ! He wants to Know that you really want him. When you call just tell him you miss him but don't ask why he didn't call..

    • ok I'll do that

  • He's grounded from life. Simple as that.

    • ok

  • you pick up the phone and call him.omg no offense but what is with girls and this "he hasn't called in X days. what do I do? does he still like me?" stuff.I mean really girls do you really think it's going to lower your value or make you seem needy to make one phone call?

    • I did call him, text him, left voice messages. I do try and I am patient

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    • Ok

    • Thats not good that he turned hi phone off ! Sounds like he has moved on. Good luck ! Its a new year !

  • As in he's gone missing? Or has just not contacted you?

    • He hasn't contacted me.

    • You are under 18 so there could be elements of immaturity involved.

    • What elements of immaturity?

What Girls Said 3

  • oh wow that would be so nerve racking D=, if you have called him and sent messages (r you sure he turned his phone off or could it have just gone flat?). Then again seeing as how you are under 18 years old I am thinking he likely lives at home, meaning if he was missing his parents would have notified the police and you would think...you. It sounds like he is being immature and just doing the old "shut it out and it will go away" thing =[

  • break up w him, find a guy who doesn't still talk to his ex

    • ok

  • spank him

    • No matter how much I want to spank him I can't.

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    • I would spank him if I could

    • ahahah

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