How do you let someone down easy?

So there is this boy who clearly is interested in me. I don't feel the same about him, but he is really nice and sweet I just don't have any feelings for him. He keeps asking to go out and I feel bad just out right saying "no" so I'll say something like "oh, I'll have to check my work schedule and let you know" but then I never let him know. I feel so awful! I don't know how I can say no but not hurt his feelings at the same time. Any advice?! Thanks! (:


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  • What you're doing is leading him on, which is WORSE than being blunt.

    Let him know that you aren't interested in anymore than friendship.

    Using that word choice, your intentions are clear, and if he mis-interprets, than it's his fault, not yours. :)

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      Oh answer! :-D