Guys is it normal to exaggerate when you first meet someone you really like?

Im not a big fan of lying (well who is?!) but is it normal/ok for a guy to exaggerate when he first meets someone he really likes even though it will obviously backfire at some point?

Im not talking about massive things like saying you're single if you're married with kids but something like saying you're head of department when in fact you're just an employee or saying you're a teacher when you're only a teaching assistant (yet) or even saying you get 3 weeks leave per year when in fact your employer offers you 7 weeks...(no, I've no idea why he would say something like that either!)


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  • A person who can't be honest about his or her self is one who is not stable enough for a healthy relationship. That being said, it's the normal. People lie about themselves each and every day.


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  • I feel it is pretty pathetic to lie about one's accomplishments - not to mention, unnecessary (assuming the person produces any value to society at all).

    Anyone should do well to present who they are in a favorable light without resorting to lying.

    If you lack that skill, read some good sales books. If you can't sell yourself, you can't sell anything to anyone. So for love or for professional success, better do it!

  • People often exaggerate when they are really excited or passionate about something.


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  • I don't and wouldn't be pleased if someone did it to me.

    It says, to me, that they lack either foresight, or genuine interest in commitment.

    And let's say for a minute that they did it hoping you'd be OK with the lie later once you 'know them better', that says to me that they're okay with impulsively lying for personal convenience. It also says they're narcissistic, self-serving, and also believe themselves cunning enough to pass off a lie hoping I'll 'fall for it'. It would make me feel like I don't really matter to them beyond surface value of and like I'm little more than some generalized sucker to them.

    I'm very open and easy going, but honesty is a high value for me, if honesty is not respected by them and equally valued, then we don't have enough in common on our value scale. How can you trust or be secure with someone willing to lie to you about little things?

    • Thanks, I somehow feel that way too and then I thought I was being silly because it seemed such small thing to get upset about. I guess I have to keep a close eye on everything he says...

  • of course! us girls did it! for example when we were littler ask boys would ask us for our cup size. he's just trying to impress you. however, depending on how far he carries out these lies, and if they turn malicious or not, can determine if you really want to be in a relationship with this person and if they can handle it.

    • Like I said I don't think it was too bad, like he said he runs a school and I'm suspecting he just works for them. I'm more worried that he'll start avoiding me when he realizes he can't really go back on what he has said...we'll see.