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I stopped talking to my boyfriend so in turn he also stopped talking to me ...

The situation was like I got out of bus..as it is winter here so its cold ,i started telling him why he has not weared sweater and all and that too... Show More

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  • Here's the thing - the silent treatment doesn't bother guys, because we're perfectly fine going days without communicating.

    It bothers girls though. One of the worst things a girl can do to another girl, is to blank her and stop talking to her. Guys probably wouldn't even notice.

    When a girl decides to give a guy the silent treatment, it usually blows up in her face.

    You may be mad, sleepless and irritable. I guarantee he's not.

    Stop trying to give him the silent treatment. You only wind up hurting yourself.

    • Even if I try to talk with him. ..he talks like nothing happened. ..everything is fine...i hate this...i expect he should release his mistake and may say not neccessary sorry to me. ..coz he xommented on my respect

      ..that I don't have any respect...wht bullsh*t. ..y I fell in love. ..i curse myself..that I m mad to fall in love wot such people

What Guys Said 5

  • Find ways to compromise each others' wants. That could settle your relationship, and make it stable.

  • I though getting hurt was the idea behind it, oh, wait correction, to make it look like your hurt. What's wired is I know why you did it. Drama=get sh*t done. You can find out how much someone cares, have something to do and talk about, grow your relationship. That's where the cliche of "Good relationships need arguments/fights" Normally it works but, its obvious he doesn't care as much as you think/hope he does. Tip of the day, use something important as the base of the argument

    • One advice from me to u. ..dont write if you don't know how to write. .correctly without usong bad words...n no thanks for your advice..

    • Theres no reason to be upset about what I said. Although it was blunt it was neccesary. You are at the very least 18, mind games shouldn't be what's on your mind.

    • Your so hypocritical. The work "bullsh*t" used in the comment 3 answers below mine. The root word of that is sh*t the same excat word I used and now being scolded for. Hmm

  • like what the other user mentioned

    the silent treatment might work on very clingy guys, however in general, it's not a very bright idea and it does indeed blow up in your face.

    so please change and grow up from the child like attitude of ignoring people to evoke a response that you want. Confront it dang it, you can't just stand there and hope he comes to get you. A relationship requires both sides to be tugging at each other.

  • Just wear the sweater and hope he speaks to you

What Girls Said 3

  • I don't understand what it is you're fighting over. Him not wearing a sweater? Really?

    • No I m fighting because he commented on my self respect..

  • So...you got mad at him and stopped talking to him and now are more mad because he didn't react the way you wanted? That's what I got out of this.

    Both y'all need to grow the hell up. That's what my advice is. Take it or leave it.

  • That's immature for both of you..I think you should call him now and settle all the misunderstanding.

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