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What is YOUR ideal woman's body?

I had a guy recently say I was fat... I've had other guys say I'm hot or perfect. I'd say I'm just average. I was just wondering what every guys... Show More

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  • fitness model.


    • It's disgusting. I'd feel like I was with a man. I like to woman be a woman and not a woman with a look of a man.

  • thick and curvy...




  • she is scientifically proven to have the greatest body known to man. actually I made that up but I'd say she's pretty close lol


  • Petite, perky t*ts, nice curvy hips, small waste, tight ass.

  • thin tight body with a little bit of an ass and some boobs proportional to her body or even a little bigger. I like hers before she got them enhanced.



    link obvious her legs are photoshopped thinner but it gives an idea on body


    • i like her skin & hair too. also think she has a cute kind of distinct face

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    • anorexia

    • not anorexic just actually fit instead of overweight like most.

      plc try reading again

  • I like them tall and slim yet curvy.

  • link


    Basically that look

  • I thought Miracle Laurie was hot. link link link link link I'm pretty sure my saying this probably tells a lot of you exactly who I am. But yeah, I liked her, and I thought she was very pretty. Alas, you'll probably never see her again, because her show tanked, and she's not a waif like every other actress. Sigh. Anyway, fuck whoever that was who called you fat. Believe it or not, there were people (and some still do) who call Marilyn Monroe. Food for thought.

    • Elizabeth Hurley said she's rather die than be Marilyn's size

    • And think about that. Marilyn was gorgeous.

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  • haha cool every guy likes something different.

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