Do girls really enjoy receiving flowers as gifts?

I think I'm being forced to ask a question so there it is! Do girls really enjoy receiving flowers? Is it a must in some occasions or can you go on in a relationship without having to ever receive a single flower?

  • Vote A I really like receiving flowers
  • Vote B I don't like receiving flowers
  • Vote C Its a must on some occasions
  • Vote D I like it but I can do without ever receiving them
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Lol please write a little something after you vote =)


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  • I voted D. I think it's thoughtful but so is loading the dishwasher :) I'm married though so I'm probably more impressed than most with those kind of acts, haha. I wouldn't say I hate flowers because everyone enjoys receiving gifts and being the recipient of a kind gesture! I can do without flowers though- especially on birthdays, anniversaries and Valentines because it's so cliche, however those sort of holidays do deserve some sort of thoughtful acknowledgment. Whether it's a home cooked meal, dinner out, tickets to the movies or whatever... If someone wants to spend the money I'd rather it go towards an experience or something that lasts. Hope you enjoyed my 2 cents :)

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      Lol loading the dishwasher lol that was funny but yea I get what you're saying. I feel the same way about giving flowers but I wasn't sure if it was just me. thanks for writing I appreciate it =)

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      No problemo!

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      Flowers are great, but a lot of things are great! but yes, most girls would absolutely melt over a bouquet of red roses on valentines day.