Why do women hate each other so much?

So I noticed that women are in constant war with each other over men. And like always defend men,

They hate sluts but chase players (OMG I can change him I'm special)

Say that playboy girls degrade themselves but they don't say a word about playgirl models. Same with p*rn stars.

Anyways I was going threw forums and gag ( I'm unemployed so like I have a lot of time on my hands) And I read a question Why do guys like sluts I hate them. And this guy answered that he just uses sluts and that he wants a good girl for relationship. And she liked his answer despite that she hates slut and he himself is a slut and the despite the fact that he like said that he uses other females. Like way to show compassion for your own gender. And then I read an old question here on gag about this girl wanting her boyfriend t buy her like more expensive stuff. And all girls called an user saying how she gives all females a bad name. So they all defended the guy.

When I use to go out with my mom and her friends as a kid they would always smack talk the missing person of the group and then when I was walking back home with my mom she would like smack talk the women she was smack-talking other women to me. Like where does this end,

  • Vote A Because they wanna feel superior.
  • Vote B Because they are jealous/insicure
  • Vote C Other
And you are? I'm a GirlI'm a Guy
OMG why was this question moved into the sexuality category. This is clearly behavior like what the hell !


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  • I picked A but in reality it is both A and B. I feel bad for these girls. They will never get to experience how awesome (true) close friendships between women can be. I don't get why they should care so much what another random woman is doing.