Why do women hate each other so much?

So I noticed that women are in constant war with each other over men. And like always defend men,

They hate sluts but chase players (OMG I can change him I'm special)

Say that playboy girls degrade themselves but they don't say a word about playgirl models. Same with p*rn stars.

Anyways I was going threw forums and gag ( I'm unemployed so like I have a lot of time on my hands) And I read a question Why do guys like sluts I hate them. And this guy answered that he just uses sluts and that he wants a good girl for relationship. And she liked his answer despite that she hates slut and he himself is a slut and the despite the fact that he like said that he uses other females. Like way to show compassion for your own gender. And then I read an old question here on gag about this girl wanting her boyfriend t buy her like more expensive stuff. And all girls called an user saying how she gives all females a bad name. So they all defended the guy.

When I use to go out with my mom and her friends as a kid they would always smack talk the missing person of the group and then when I was walking back home with my mom she would like smack talk the women she was smack-talking other women to me. Like where does this end,

  • Because they wanna feel superior.
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  • Because they are jealous/insicure
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  • Other
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OMG why was this question moved into the sexuality category. This is clearly behavior like what the hell !


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  • I picked A but in reality it is both A and B. I feel bad for these girls. They will never get to experience how awesome (true) close friendships between women can be. I don't get why they should care so much what another random woman is doing.


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  • It will end nowhere. most girls hate better girls ( whatever it might be, list is unlimited because of different personalities and wants ) and most guys hate other guys for the exact same reason. The problem is not people, but STUFF, things that people have or posses or want. I can be wrong, but I think I'm right from everything that I know and experienced. Most people girls and guys, especially during our generation always want different things. They want to screw as many girls as possible because it is a "NORMAL" standard these day ( I blame MTV and Hollywood all the way ) and girls want Better guys who have more money, more power and looks at the same time. I like to call those kind of girls a BBD type Bigger Better Deal. So, guys are in pursue for amount of girls that they have and girls pursuing guys with money and power and this is a source of all your problems. People Judge, people wrongly assume about other people and people always comparing them self's to others. I have this and she has that and questions start to pop up. Who, why and how and for what. Again people start to Judge, start to assume and get jealous and envy.

  • I don't know I had to deal with a lot of female jealously when I was trying to meet and date girls at bars here this summer . it just seemed to be never ending and even girls who were supposedly friends with each other would get jealous over things or annoyed I was trying to talk to certain girls . its just the way some girls are in that sort of environment

  • I think it might be both A and B

  • I think women hate men more , women tend to stick together.

  • Stop Trolling kiddo .

    • How is this trolling? Are you mentally challenged?

  • If women hate women so much..

    Why are they mad when we hate them too?

    • "And she liked his answer despite that she hates slut and he himself is a slut"

      Men can't be sluts, only women. Men are ladiesmen, seducers, and players.

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    • Well I guess you are like right most women are idiots. I'm more of a paper chaser than a hoe tamer

    • Haha, I like you. My friends mother raised her daughter to be a paper chaser. While the other girls were playing games, she got a rich guy and rolls in a white hardtop mercedes.

  • A and B

  • Your post needs more "like" references

  • @ update:

    Certain words that you type in your question will automatically move your question into the sexuality category without notice. Words like: sex, penis, vagina, p*rn, f***, the list goes on. I complained about this to the admin but they don't care. I agree that it's really stupid.

  • I hate to say it, but women do seem to backstab each other more than men do. Most guys follow the guy code quite closely, but women don't follow the girl code anywhere near as closely it seems. I've heard so many girls talking about losing best friends of many years over a petty fight about a guy, or sometimes something else alltogether.

  • Some of the comments here from women are hilarious. They even try to blame men when women hate on each other!

    Un-f***ing-real. Lol

  • you have a genetic clock that counts down the days that you're "important" to the species. you attack each other in order to establish an order within your group so that you can 'be used before your expiration date'. [no disrespect]

    you don't bring anything substantial to a guy/relationship. short of being a fringe 'fetish' all of you are the same. so you have to make it seem like you're somehow better than the rest. you use anything that you can to try to elevate yourself. since physicality is no longer allowed, you use emotion/words to attack and make another girl look less desireable.

    you want to get the best male that is available so you try to make yourself seem better than the girls in 2G1C. maybe you don't do the things that they did but you're really no different.

    i could go on for days about this but there is no reason since it will be downvoted to hell and ignored by the people who need to actually think about it.

    • My god, what a fabulous post. Evidence supports this mans argument.

  • Because they're player haters. link


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  • Why do women hate each other so much?

    C. Other

    In my opinion it's because most societies hate gals (history of mistreating/oppressing gals and considering them inferiors/lessers) so generally gals are not only taking the conditioning and influence of the misogyny ingrained in society of gals essentially being useless/worthless except as holes to bust a nut in/on as shown by how oh so many guys think as one user put it in regards to gals 'you don't bring anything substantial to a guy/relationship.' but gals are fighting against it and they treat other gals as their competitors instead of adversaries in this fight.

    It seems gals fight this ingrained misogyny with more misogyny twinged with the desire to feel superior to other gals aka not b*tchy/whiny/slutty like other gals often claiming they're 'one of the guys' since to be a gal is to be awful and to be a guy is to be awesome.

    As well as their fighting is twinged with jealousy/insecurity as since they view other gals as competitors for male approval/validation/acceptance they are often comparing themselves to younger hotter gals as they know their value in society, thanks to guys, is based on their youth and beauty and without it they're useless as guys seem to hate gals and love only their bodies.

  • I will admit, I only hate on girls for 2 reasons.

    1. They did me wrong in some way which was undeserved.

    2. I envy them. Either want something they have or am jealous because they are in some way better than me and I want that.

    It's mostly number 2. I'm not happy about it.

  • C.


  • c. I don't hate you because you're a woman. I don't like you because of the PERSON you are

  • because we all have the same power over guys and because guys are easy and we girls take advantages

    • thank you for your honesty but do know that power only works for a very short time on boys that allow it

    • tue that ,that is why guys general sleep with more than one

  • In general it is jealousy and insecurity at works. Women are born to have this two traits in them it is a matter of time who and what triggered it off. There are women who put it under control but some who couldn't become bitchy towards others. And it could be due to wanting guys attention , comparing what each other have be it looks, money , purchases, jobs etc

  • Female power is demonized because we have an advantage over men. we may not be as physically strong but our natural femininity is their weakness. our patriarchal society will not stand for this. so they DIVIDE AND CONQUER. it is a strategy of war to subjugate a group of people who are powerful and mindf*** them so they do not know their own strength. there is power in numbers so why not convince women that other girls are bitches and we shouldn't stick together? why not convince women that they should try to one up each other and jump like dogs to get the approval of men? this keeps men in power and women insecure at each others throats. that's why guys follow the guy code almost 100% of the time, but girls will stab each other in the back to gain approval. and the sad part is most of them don't even know they're doing it and why...

  • acting like you are against women doesn't make you endearing to men, stop trying to earn brownie points.

  • I know you're trying to troll, but unfortunately there is some truth in the things you typed...

    • WTF how was I trying to troll?

  • This is just what I've observed in the states. But if I could guess why it's probably the patriarchy that has put a huge influence on women.

  • some women, not all, lets not give them a bad name