What do women usually do at a bachelorette party?

My girlfriend is the maid of honor in a wedding soon and last night was the bachelorette party. She didn't get it until early this morning and she tells me that she'll tell me everything that happened tonight. So my question is, what should I be preparing to hear from her? How crazy do things really get?

Something must be up. She's been very different this afternoon.


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  • men strippers and a lot of booze that's all XD

    don't get too mad at her.

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      I'm not planning on getting mad at her!!!! Unless, of course, something happened that shouldn't have. She kinda had a weird look on her face when she told me we'll talk tonight.

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      Men strippers?

      Thats horrible. id never in my lifetime allow a bachelorette party that had strippers.