How do you break up with your crazy boyfriend?

I have tried to break up with my boyfriend 4 times since last May. But he goes completely berserk. And scary. (the worst things he did is grab my arm really hard, or not let me leave like lock me in his car until I say I'll give him another chance. So he hasn't really hurt me seriously.

But he just doesn't take no for an answer. Like he will try to climb in window at 3 a. M. At night to make me give him another chance. Or he will wait outside in the cold all night to make me feel bad. Because he knows I'm that type of person that will say yes after)

We live close. And go to the same college. So I don't know what to do! I love him still. Because he's my first everything. But I know that in the long run he is bad for me. Because he always lies to me. Help!

Thank you for your insight! Edward3455! Told him all you've said before. Mainly If you love me then you would let me go, and you'll be happy if I'm happy. But he always says " I know you'll be happy in the long run with me and only me your just stress.
Also, he always me expensive gifts but I always try to make him return them.


Most Helpful Guy

  • Dam Mii-Mii! This guy really really really loves you! Since he lies to you, how can you trust him? How can you build a relationship with him? How can you not have that bad feeling that he's lying to you? In general, if you can't trust someone, most likely you won't hangout with that person much. You need to tell him that what we had was wonderful, and I will always love you. But I want to break up. I've given you many chances and you have hurt me badly. If you want me to be happy then you would let me go. For all the things that we have been through, just please let me go. There isn't a thing that you could change about yourself or say for us to remain as a couple. We can however remain as friends, not friends with benefits, but just someone to talk to you.