Prostitution VS Dating.. Which is better?

With prostitution, the guy gets what he wants, and the girl gets what she wants.

1. There's no game playing, you never think to yourself "does he or she like me?"- women get the money and men get the sex. Everyone wins.

2. With a woman you date, she's not required to do monthly STD and aids checks. Like a legal prostitute.

3. With a prostitute is there a chance if the sex is bad, or the "deal" goes bad that she gets HALF of ALL of your money.


4. Its defiantly cheaper.

An average prostitute in Nevada costs about 300 bucks on average for sex.

An average date costs about 100 bucks, and most women don't want to put out until the 3rd date AT LEAST.

And even then its not a certainty.

Cost of gas= 20 bucks for the drive to her house to pick her up, to the movie,and to the restaurant and back to her house and then back to yours.

Cost of movie= 12 bucks X 2= 24 bucks, rounded down to 20.

That's 40 bucks not including popcorn and candy.

So that's 60 bucks.

Now include the cost of the meal at a "decent". Because we all know she's going to think your a cheap loser if you take her to taco bell.- unlike a whore where you don't have to pay anything except for what you get in return.

So you figure 20 bucks a person.. that's 40 bucks.

This is not including candy, gifts, or flowers.

60+40=100 bucks.. and there you have it.

3 dates=300 bucks.

Suppose it was even guaranteed that she's has to put out on the 3rd date making it "equal" even then its like putting her vagina on lay away, and you have to wait.

Most people also don't date consecutively one day after the other either.

5. Most of the time women in marriages "put out" to get their husbands to do chores or anything like that.

Its been said that most women are nothing more than closeted prostitutes because after all how many women here would date a man who's broke?

How many women here will accept a man who doesn't pay for the date?

If you won't accept a man who takes you to taco bell for a date, then all it means is that you are a hooker who is just haggling over the price.

The only difference between prostitution and dating is emotional connection and love.

Both of which are free.

So, unless you want men to date you, stop acting like whores, because were just going to go there instead of dating you. Because at least with them its a sure thing.

So which do you think is better.

This is prostitution vs dating, not prostitution vs relationships.

Obviously getting the sex for free from a girlfriend is better. That's why its vs dating, not relationships.


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  • Most hookers are pretty nasty looking, bro.

  • Prostituion.

    The only reason men get into relationships is to get sex for free.

    • thats a sad outlook on life, not all guys are in it for sex and if that's all its about they are better off with a prostitute

  • If sex, is all you want on a date, why not just be honest about it with the girl, instead of stringing her along and spending your money? You're just as guilty. Because they way you're explaining this, is you just want sex out of a date. No emotional attachment or interest in the girl. So if sex is what you seek, get a hooker or be honest with your date. Quit complaining on how expensive a date is.

  • dating is more rewarding in the end. if you want something amazing then you need to put in the hard yards first. even the prostitutes who say that they love their job, deep down want this.

  • 1. I don't see anything wrong with prostitution, if it's 2 adults, who am I to tell them who to sleep with ? And there is no game playing so if what you want is just sex at the time, then go for it.

    2. Monthly checks don't say much, I mean what if she just had her check up, then caught an std 3 days later and slept with you the next day ? Plus prostitutes sleep with A LOT of men and if you think your chances of getting an std are lowered , that's kind of crazy

    3. Why do you think only men make the money ? And have you ever heard of a pre-nup ?

    4. If you are only going out with a girl because you want her p*ssy on layaway then you should just stick to prostitutes because I'm not going out with a guy just for his d*ck or for a free dinner, I can buy my own dinner and I pay for myself when I go to movies with friends, so if you're not going on a date with a girl so that you can get to know her so it possibly turns into a relationship then please just stick to paying for prostitutes and leave us females alone.

    5. a) If I was married I wouldn't put out to get my husband to do chores, he's grown he should be cleaning up after himself anyway, I'm not his mother.

    b) I wouldn't care if a man did'n't have a lot of money, I work and take care of myself his money is not my business, as is mine none of his business also but I do expect him to have a job and hopefully aspirations for the future.

    c) I like taco bell

    So to answer your question normal men that are looking for an emotional connection or love and not a p*ssy on layaway should date.

    Men like you on the other hand who generalize all women and obviously have some mommy issues, please just stick to prostitutes because real women don't want you anyway

    • btw, no prostitute is any less of a "real woman" than you are, if you really think you're superior than them, then you're the one who's not a real woman. just saying

    • (cont.) If you women would stop being so demanding and actually be more obvious when you wanna have sex, more men would be into ?normal? girls instead of prostitutes, because, let?s face it, if you women don?t get over yourselves and start making it easier for us to date you, then we?ll end up with a prostitute, and you?ll end up with no sex at all. plain and simple.

    • IdontWantToBeMe

      Well, if you?re so confident about never having to ask anything of a guy, then you?re probably comfortable with asking a guy out, because in most cases I know, a guy will look for prostitutes because they?re either too shy to ask a ?normal? girl out or are frustrated because their wives can?t satisfy them. In both cases, it?s your fault. (to be continued)

  • Sex for sex's sake? Yes, pros are better... even better is online p*rn...yeah you do it yourself but it's completely free!

    So what was the question, really? Because it can't be that simple...

  • Ewhhhhhh prostitution is legal?!?!?!?!?!?1

    • You're confusing your own love life with the rest of the world. For you, dating may be a "sugarcoated word for prostitution", but then there are some of us that are mature.

    • Sorry but my vagina isn't a black hole of souls from dating and I can find a real job that doesn't involve sleeping with old men.

    • ewhhhhh dating( sugarcoated word for prostitution) is legal ?

  • Seriously...

    Of course dating is better...

  • You miss the point that dating is required to get into a relationship...

    Besides, what men want from a relationship is not just sex - as you clearly show sex comes cheap to some - but a safe place, a partner and a mother for their children. That's why men marry and choose to treat their gfs/wifes with respect by not cheating on them with anybody not even a prostitute.

    And that's what you pay for when you go on a date to find that person and you don't pay for the sex.

  • if you're dating just to get laid then a prostitute is better.

    if you want to find a connection with someone and eventually a relationship, then dating is better.

    it all depends what you want.

  • ok well I'm not so tightly wound as some of the girls on here I see your point, I for one would quite happily be paid 300 bucks to sleep with a guy no strings attathed if only you could be sure he never had any std's. I suppose I don't know what the guys at the bar have either when I decide to go home with them but I know I'm clean before anyone decides to write a "funny" comment! I would say prostitution BUT I couldn't do it, I mean sleep with just about anyone, no thanks some men are just nasty! I want to fall in love and the only way to do that is by dating someone, so for me ill choose dating but that's just my preferance.

  • This guy is obviously very bitter and has no clue about emotion, love, or connecting with someone. Since it is apparent that you are only interested in sex with total disregard to what the woman may be feeling or wanting out of dating you it serves you right to be stepped on anyway.

    • So far as I know, there are gay prostitues as well, so your argument really doesn't mean anything.

      Also, this totally invalidates your question and gives a little insight as to why you only see dating in terms of dollars, as if all straight men think about is sex-to-dollars ratio. When I'm out with my Girlfriend on a date it's because I like her company and we get along. I could care less about how much we spend or if I'm getting any that night - I'm secure in my relationship.

    • Lol now that was a shocker. Seriously he pulled the gay card!

    • That would be true if I weren't gay.

      Nice try though.

  • ...I can't answer.It's like comparing a golden brick to a pile of sh*t. In case you were trolling, hurray you've got a reaction, good for you...yay...! In case you were not, you have a really bad opinion about women which is based on prejudice.It's really sad and pathetic in my opinion and I can't change such a narrow minded sexist opinion.No offense.

    Personally I don't need a guy to buy anything for me.I'm capable of buying things on my own.Maybe you like dating women just for the sex part,so that means you have never experienced having feelings towards them or the other way around...Anyway...Good luck with your life...

  • Fine, go get some whores. Most girls looking for a relationship wouldn't touch your kind anyway.

  • Not all girls are about the money. I make more money than my husband and we share everything down to the penny. So I have 70 bucks and he has 50 bucks; we get 60 bucks each. It's like me giving him 10 extra bucks. I don't feel like I'm losing. I love him.

    My closest friend dated this guy for years, he has no degree, no money and no full-time job. She's an IT specialist working at a University. She's still with him and hopelessly in love. I know a few other girls who are still sticking to their high school sweethearts who were "ex-badboy gangsters", but now still live with their mom with no income, no hope for a decent job.

    I don't think these guys are cheap or don't deserve someone. I think it's amazing for someone to be so in love with someone else!

    I admit it's rare. People around me judge EVERYTHING, but you shouldn't give up looking for love.

    Girls can feel it when a guy wants to see them just to get in their pants. It feels icky. Don't do it. You don't like girls who go out with you to just to get a free meal and movie!

  • wow, you've definetely chosen the prostitute (anyone can see that)... maybe you had a bad experience with girls?

    With my dates, we have a lot of fun doing non-sexual things. day at the park... time reading good books together, and watching FREE movies online together... and hey... maybe they are coming over to my house where I cook a free meal for them.

    and I don't think that about a guy: choose the guy for sex and boyfriend material or go to a (what do you call them... gigalo?)

    I'd choose the friendship for a lifetime than use sex for 30min and pay 300 dollars.

    the friendship is PRICELESS, you can' t really get true friends for money can you?

    good luck with that.

  • Prostitiuting is why there are so many STDs

    • And pretty much all the reasons that aren't prostitution that have caused STD's, LOL.

    • As well as bars,clubs, and women who are in a relationship and cheat on their guy.

  • It's too bad that you feel this way.

    There is a lot more to relationships than sex. And I would hope that someone who is special to you would mean more than how much you spend on them.

    But... I do hope that you choose prostitutes over dating, because you're a chauvinist and - though no woman deserves that - at least sex workers expect it.

  • well, dating is kinda like prostituting if you think about it. I mean, the guy pays for dinner hoping the girl puts out. So is the girl selling herself for a meal...?

  • HA HA! This guy is a f***en TRICK! LOL! I work at the ranch & I'll see your ass when you get here! By the way Its not $300 for sex! $300 is the START for negotiations! I'm not f***ing for $300! You better bring $800-1000 you cheap ass motherf***er! For $300 you'll get a good handjob and that's it! LMFAO!

    • Im gay, you lose.

    • Whatever mother f***er just give us your money and stfu! Troll? Obviously YOURE the troll! That's why you wanna pay for pussy! You're probably uglier than sin!!! LOL!! But that's OK, most tricks are! And I AM an expert on the subject, been doing it for 2 years, we LOVE desperate ass men with money!! YEAH!!!!!

    • This is what we like to call a liar.

      Aka, a troll who tries to prove a point by lying to pretend they are an expert on a subject.

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    Prostitution is cheeper and girls are more honest about their sexuality.

    In the other hand dating involves a lot of bush*t, judgement, misstreatment and humilliation from the girl until she decides to have sex with you which at this point you are already massively turn off.

    So prostitution is better.

    • The problem with you is that you are showing the example of the worst possible examples of prostitution.

      I can do that too. Ill just bring up the worst possible example of dates. DId you know that some dates actually end in murder? sometimes the man actually rapes and murders the woman.. And sometimes the woman actually murders the man!

      Therefore dating is far worse!

    • Question asker you are an Ignorant whore

      Do you know how many poor girls get trafficked every year?North America is full of Asian and latin prostitutes. West Europe+Turkey+Cypres is full of Eastern european girls (13+). China is Full of Thai and Russian girls. There are also many africans from Somali, Nigeria and Kenya mostly. Russia is full of domestic girls and Africans

      In every country there are tonnes of domestic prostitutes who were drugged and forced into it. Only 1/10 chooses it as a job

    • Unfortuantly, in general the dating scene in the current US is presty much a variation on prostitution.. It's all the bad things you say..about prositution!!

      Good comments, his angel. There's no reason for people to call you names like this guy has done!

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  • since I m a 29 year old virgin and on the verge of settleing for prostitites.

    I d say prostitution is better

  • Sounds to me that you are very angry and you are a cheap ass

  • Firstly, I don't think you can seperate "dating" from "relationships", because most normal people date with the intention of getting into a relationship.

    The shallow, insecure people you're talking about may not be thinking long term, so in their case, yes, a prostitute will probably be better.

    It really sounds like you're just using this question to spit out a bitter rant against women. You ask like 3 questions in one.

    1. How many women will accept a man that doesn't pay for a date?

    Before my girlfriend was my g/f, more often than not she paid. She wouldn't even hear of me paying, I had to sneak the check to pay when I could.

    2. Women "put out" to get men to do chores.

    No, this is just wrong. Women put out because they enjoy sex just like we do. It's a natural thing - like eating or sleeping, we enjoy those things because they're hard-wired into us. Yes, I know it's shocking to think that women have desires as well, but get over it. They're human too.


    What's funny is the first date my girlfriend and I went on was for shakes at Jack in the Box and then a walk in the park. 3x of that would total somewhere around $18. Further, my girlfriend lives about 50 miles from me and it doesn't cost me $20 round trip. What the hell are you driving, an aircraft carrier?

    4. Dating is more expensive.

    I have NEVER NEVER NEVER been on a date that cost $100, and I've been dating for what, 17 years now. Even factoring in driving and what not. Never once. So, your highly generalized math is rediculous. I've dated girls when I was completely flat broke living at my mom's place and I've dated girls since I've started making cash and I have my own flat. Your argument might be true for you, but for most of the guys I know, they can get dates whether they have a fiver in their pocket or a swimming pool full of cursed gold coins, doesn't matter.

    5. "She gets half your money".

    Now you're talking about marriage, not dating, when you specifically said you're talking about dating, not relationships. Stop changing your argument to make your rediculous point.

    Bottom line, if your goal is just sex, sex, sex, then yes, getting a prostitute or a GFE makes sense. If your goal is spending time with another human being, regardless of whether you get sex or not, then dating is the answer, cos a prostitute won't give a crap about you other than the money you're throwing at her. You're just as well off buying a blow-up doll - you're basically paying someone to let you use their body to masturbate, that's how much emotional connection you're getting out of it. More power to you, in that instance.

    • You can throw all the articles you want at me, it doesn't change the face that I'm not lying, my girlfriend is quite attractive, and pays quite frequently and doesn't really care. Then again, it could be because unlike you we both make good money. Enjoy your prostitutes, since your question was loaded from the beginning.

      Also, I still don't see where you're going with the point on marriage. You're claiming it's bad, but a majority still feel optimistic about it and support it.

    • Bottom line is that I can overwhelm you with proof that shows men want hot women.. for what? to chat with?

      And I can overwhelm you with proof that shows women want a man with money. for what? for the man to spend it all?

      Im sure the women in your life like you for you and not for your money. I'm sure they would love you even if you were a homeless bum on the street corner.

      I'm sure you love women who are are over 500lbs with humps on their backs and facial hair.

      Because its what's on the inside.

    • "LiveScience reported that for years evolutionary psychologists have been saying that men want young pretty women for their mates and women want older men with money. "


      Ouch dude..

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  • I find both to be rather pointless.

  • girl friend is homely flesh. prostitutes are like public toilet, unhygenic.

  • When you look at it closely, when you're dating a woman you are indirectly paying for sex.

    You figure, 3 dates of dinner, movies, shows, and on the thrid date the girl sleeps with you. Add it up and you spent maybe 200-400 to hang out with this person three times so you could get laid.

    Valentine's day: you buy chocolates, jewelry, dinner, whatever else, and for what? To get laid.

    The negative with hookers is that they are openly dirty pigs. Higher risk of catching an STD or even worse AIDS. You might get what you want and even more.

    My friend, I suggest you invest into a rubber doll.


  • Prostitution is VILE. Boy, we act as if we're nuttin but if the soul and emotions don't even exist.

  • Dating/relationship z better...simple

  • Preferably, something along the lines of dating. This is because it's legal.

    • Nevada.

  • A Girl wants to get married. A guy wants to have sex.

    Dating is a game where a girl and/or a guy could win it.

    You choose to take her to an expensive restaurant. You could just take her on a date in a park.


    Man is a hunter and only looser pays to get for he wants. A good hunter would walk 1000 miles after the grizzly bear and kill him when he could just buy a dead/in a cage bear for a much cheaper price.

    What is a satisfaction of paying for sex? 30 minutes?

    What about the satisfaction of meeting a real love of your life?

    - At least a couple of years.

  • Prostitutes are the most disgusting thing on the planet. Just the thought of sticking my C ock in basically a tube of a mix of STD's is, well horrifyig is not even enough of a word. I wouldn't use a prostitue with my best friends d ick.

    • Prostitutes in the bunny ranch are actually cleaner than your average woman on the street who ISNT a hooker.

      They are actually forced to get monthly checks. Your average woman is not, and does not.

  • I couldn't agree more with you. I am not even bad looking, but I'm kinda broke. Its been harder for me to get a date than before. Most women are prostiutes, I know some girls will bash me for saying this, but the same ones that would criticize me, would not date a guy who makes less money than they do, or who wants to pay evenly at the movie dinner etc. which proves my point

    • I ain't callin you a gold digger, but you ain't messin with no broke.

  • Ok, Deal! You'll go after the hookers, I'll stay with my wife.

    • Yeah go ahead and have fun having sex with one woman the rest of your life. You enjoy that.

  • In the modern US, I"d say the difference between dating and protituton is very slight; the more honest women admit that..

  • This is actually clever. People are hacking it with their emotional prejudice, which you kinda take for granted. But like you keep saying - this isn't relationships vs. prostitution, this is dating vs. prostitution. But you gotta look at that mathmatically. From a human perspective, you start dating in the hope of finding someone you will fall in love with and so on, fulfilling the inbuilt and unexplained desire to connect completely and permanently with another human, and from the same perspective, you hire a prostitute so you can stick the shaft in her, like, basically. But from a mathmatical perspective, you aren't focused on an endgoal.

    Logically, you enter into something - assuming your dating an alltaking woman which is fairly common in America I hear (its not really common where I am, though, but that's because no one actually has any money regardless of who they are, you know what I mean? Hahaha), because everythings fairly common in America - in which you have to pay a sum of money, in exhange for some kind of product. We're not giving that product a name of any kind.

    Now in dating, many times your left with no product - ie. no further relationship, emotional connection or sex. Or even like, helpful cleaning tips, or an extended television liscence, or anything. Right? Nothing. But you've still payed all that money. Now from a human perspective, you expect that. But mathmatically, that's a major WTF. That's a huge risk right there. That's a probably of like 1 (or 2, depending on your disposition.) That's crazy.

    However, in prositution, you pay, assuming the afformentioned amounts are correct, about the same. But with prostitution, a product is guaranteed. Mathmatically, that's the more intellegent choice. Isn't it?

    Ofcourse we don't date for the same reason we hire out ladiez, but logically that's not assumed.There's a sum in there somewhere its like

    Prostiution: M + F = X

    Dating: M + F = ?

    Money, Female, Product, in this scenario.

    ?:1, in ratio terms. Or 9:1, if you wanna go by that rule, but I think that's long dead, ain't it? I'm not really a maths person.

    Anyway, this jokes. Well done.

    Oh by the way, on the idea that pimped prostitutes shouldn't be used because they've got terrible lives, that's a bit whacked out an idea. If we're all kindred souls we'd be using them more, I mean if they don't sell they probably get thrashed around, don't they? Or they don't get their cocaine and get a serious case of the horrors. Its not like if we all decide not to use street harlots they'll all suddenly get better lives, you know? Effectively it'd just add to the unemployment, cost the country more money - assuming this country grants dole - and you'd have hundreds of cracked girls starving on the streets. But your right, you know, about how scarred those girls are left. I know, like, its wild.

  • Why not just jerk off? Do you have any idea how hungry prostitutes are for business? God blessed you with two hands; use them.

    In the grand scheme of things, it's women who have it harder. If a guy is horny, all he has to do is jerk off to the p*rn of his choice. To the sight of the girl the way he wants her, dressed how he likes her to be, and doing what turns him on. I really don't see how on earth you can come to feel that guys have it worse off.

    Girls on the other hand, can't watch p*rn or jerk off to feel loved, affection, emotional closeness or connected with someone.

    I want you to picture a situation where all the men of the world are inside their homes jerking off when they're horny, and then hanging out with the guys when they're outside their home; or just working or sleeping.

    I want you to picture women now, who are trying to find a guy to be in a relationship with. If you're this girl, and you actually come in contract with a guy, do you really think you're going to "not put out" as you call it? You might as well write yourself a prescription for being single. Having sex with the guy you like is the very least you would do.

    I'm starting to think that you're either physically deformed, or live in Amish-ville and have posted this through some internet cafe' from your local village.

    • That made me laugh.

  • haha, good question man..I bet Charlie Sheen contemplates this on a daily basis too!...anyways, I think it comes down to this: with a ho, you won't get the emotional attachment, the love or the girlfriend experience, just mindless sex.

    I love sex as much as the next guy but that's not enough for me, I want more, I want her to care about me on some level, not necessarily love but care...this is where the argument for a prostitute is lost on me...I would take a regular girl, even with the bitchiness that time of month and all the blah-blah-blah talk and stuff, just because she will also give me her heart...that's crucial...I want her heart, not just her pu**y...

    • I think if you can guarantee emotional attachment with every women you dated, then you would have a point.

      With prostitution you get the guarantee of mindless sex.

  • After reading some comments, I got your point and yes, if we compare things just plain and simple, prostitution might look better than dating. But still, having a girlfriend beats prostitution, just because of the time you spend with your girlfriend. Let's say you live with your girlfriend and/or lives near her, you guys can have sex like what? 3-4 days a week if not everyday (I will not get deep in this subject because it involves people's sex drive and other stuff too..) but yea, lets say 3 times a week, then it gets cheaper than getting a hooker. Imagine you getting a hooker 3 times a week? It would be 900 bucks in just one week...

    My conclusion: prostitution might look better than dating, but we need the dates to actually get a girlfriend and solve the problem.

    (obviously dating/relationships have more things involved than just sex, but I think you guys will get the point...)

    • Having a girlfriend is better than prostitution, obviously.

      That's not the question.

  • Prostitution vs Dating ? thts a terrible mismatch. The point of prostitution is for you to have sex. The point of dating, is not sex, it is to bond with her. And I guess you've only gone out with gold-diggers, because not all girls want you to spend a lot on dates.

    • I would say the point of dating is evolutionarily meant to pair bond and eventually propagate the species. Which usually is done through sex.

  • You're not actually suppose to date women only for sex...

    • There are plenty of women who want the same thing are you afraid of diseases or something? lol

    • If you don't close the deal, then there's no point.

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