A Few Photos to Restore Your Faith in Humanity

Faith in humanity lost? Check out these 20 random acts of kindness that may restore all the faith you lost in humanity.

A man takes his sick dog to a lake to soothe the arthitis in his limbs.

A Few Photos to Restore Your Faith in Humanity

Image via Huffington Post

Window cleaners dress up as superheroes for childen at a hospital in Le Bonheur.

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A Chinese soldier cooks his wife a year's worth of food before returning to the army.

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Kid writes an apology letter after puking in a library.

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Two Norweigian men save a baby lamb from drowning in the ocean.

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A man saves a kitten from drowning with an umbrella.

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An officer talks a man out of suicide. 8 years later, the man is now a father of two children and presents an award to the officer who talked him out of suicide at an event by the Amercian Foundation of Suicide.

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Dogs show up at the funeral of a women who used to give them food.

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A little girl sells her stuffed animal and gives the money to her local animal shelter.

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A straight boy asks his gay best friend to prom.

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A mom drags her son away from the Baltimore riots.

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A man gives his shoes to a young homeless girl in Rio De Janeiro.

A boy rescues a stray dog from a frozen lake in Bulgeria.

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A women donated her kidney to a stranger and now they are engaged.

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A group of people help move a 32-ton train after a passanger becomes stuck between the gate and the platform.

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Specially designed swings help disabled kids have fun too.

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A soldier rescues a small kitten in Korea.

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A cyclist stops to give a koala a cool sip of water.

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A hero Uber driver prevents a shooting spree with a concealed handgun.

Image via nextshark.com

A sandwich shop owner offers free food to a person going through her trash.

Image via News.mic

I guess humanity isn't doomed after all. Which was your favorite? Comment it down below.

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  • Geez, why are some people so pessimistic? These pictures were really touching and show there are good peeps around. Great take.

    • Thank you.❤️ I dunno why people are getting angry at my take.

    • Because, and this is a bit of a stretch, those people have issues. Sadly. If I was still depressed I couldn't have seen the beauty in this post, either.

    • @Remonster True. I'm grateful I can see the positivity in it :) it warms my heart.

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