Transgender Is The New Black

Transgender Is The New Black

Yesterday Caitlyn Jenner, formerly known as Bruce Jenner broke the Internet when she appeared on the cover of Vanity Fair as a woman. She quickly became a hero in the eyes of the LGBT community and their supporters. But Caitlyn isn't the only fabulous transwoman making a statement in Hollywood.

Andreja Pejic


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Janet Mock

Host of #SoPOPular on MSNBC and author of “Redefining Realness: My Path to Womanhood, Identity, Love & So Much More.”

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Conchita Wurst

Austrian Pop Recording Artist

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Candis Cayne


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Carmen Carrera

Former contestant on RuPaul's Drag Race and model

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Laverne Cox

Actress on Netflix's Orange Is the New Black

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Lea T


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Isis King

Fashion designer and model

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Jenna Talackova

Model and TV personality

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Ines Rau


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Aren't they gorgeous?!

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What Guys Said 118

  • these people need serious psychological help...

    • Most already got it before they transitioned, though. Or at least here they would. There are strict rules for being put on hormones.

  • I thought orange was the new black

  • Wow in my 5.5+ years being on GaG, I've never seen this much hate, intolerance and bigotry. So sad people are so SCARED of something they don't understand, to the point of rejecting it with hate.

    in my opinion being non-hetero is a genetic mutation (which is natural; oops there goes the 'LGBTQ is unnatural' argument).

    Similar to a person being born with mental handicaps, physical deformities, or animals born albino. Genetic mutations happen naturally, in all organisms.

    Pretty much a transsexual person's emotional and psychological makeup (aka their. gender identity ), is a mis-match with said person's anatomical makeup.

    This has nothing to do with sex or being "kinky". It is solely about said person identifies themselves.


    Now what I feel makes people most uncomfortable about trans-sexuality, is the fact that one's internal genetic identity can't be "proven". Aka, someone can "pretend to be transsexual" and there is no definitive way to "prove" the genuine-ness of one being transsexual. Other people just "have to believe their word" about being born in the wrong body.

    In the case of Caitlyn Jenner, because of her (formerly a his) affiliation with the Kardashian machine, many people don't believe her as being genuinely transsexual, and see this as a publicity stunt.

  • I know I am gonna get a lot of hatred for this, but my big two problems with it are 1. I don't like how they don't have to come out and tell their partner they are transgendered there are guys out there and women out there who would still be willing to date a tranny so the first thing before a tranny gets intimate is tell their partner they are transgendered. Number 2. science hasn't come far enough in order for you to get the full effect of being the opposite gender if you are a man and want to become a woman you can't get pregnant and you can't have your periods so your not getting the full experience and if you are a woman who wants to become a man you can't produce sperm when you cum. Science has not come far enough to be able to do a surgery like this I mean plastic surgeons still have trouble mastering something as little as a nose job just look at what happened to Michael Jackson and other celebs as well as not too long ago Lindsey Lohan look how messed up she looks cause of plastic surgery now and those people were famous and the surgeries still failed.

    • *And those people were famous and rich

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    • Oh okay then, but it should be a law where they don't tell the other person could press charges on them or something @smexyysludge112

    • I don't think it's that big of an issue that it should be a law, but I see where you are coming from.

  • I think it's just odd how people are moving between the two social binary categories. Like, there just isn't really anything inbetween, other than maybe "tomboys".

  • Sorry but I can't help but gag after looking at all that, it's just wrong plain and simple and all the surgery in the world is not going to change that fact that they are men.

    You can put a 57 Chevy bumper on a 57 Ford Buick but at the end of the day it's still a 57 Ford Buick.

    • stop being an asshole. do some research.

    • @therealspencer Nothing is going to change my mind on the matter and if you have done any research yourself you would know that being a male or female goes down to the genetic level of the chromosomes which can not be altered, not without playing god anyway and getting into some really messed up stuff.

      Sure you can change the way you look but at the end of the day your still what you were born as a man or a women and it is unnatural and agaisnt nature to change that.

      Now shoo kid, I don't have time or the patience for your ignorance, practice what you preach and do the research yourself before calling someone an asshole and telling them to do the research.
      ( and by the way I studied genetics and DNA altering in high school so this is nothing new to me )

    • Agreed.

  • I have no problem with people changing their gender, but not gonna lie, I'm kind of scared to go out with a girl that ends up being a transgender.

  • It's amazing that in modern times these people can be on the outside how they feel on the inside.

    • Amazing yet terrifying. Will we one day all end up discarding our flaws?

  • 2mo

    There are all men. Not transgender. Not pansexual. Not a blue unicorn. Not a mailbox. Not fucking space ship. These are men that are taking exgenous hormones that are now freakshows. Enabling mental illness.. wtf have we come to?

  • I find a lot them them pretty, actually.

  • I don't know any of these people but that's great :) Good for them for feeling comfortable and happy in life. It reminds me of my argument with gay marriage. If you want to be eternally happy in life, why can't you let other people be too?

  • I don't know why we should be accepting of this. This isn't a video game! there is no character creation, you are given what you are given. women are supposed to be offended by this shit. a guy cuts off his balls, gets a boob job, puts on a bathing suit and calls him self a courageous woman? no. Rosa parks was a courageous woman, not this disgrace to humanity.

    • well Ill just to agree to disagree at this point, I was only trying to share why I believe what I believe. I think its important for people to understand and respect each other even if they don't agree. It doesn't seem many are inclined to do that, so I don't have anything else to add.

    • I agree with u @HappyToBeAlive I really find this... Awful.. What people r doing to themselves is just so wired and I don't like it at all... Of course I won't go out bullying and insulting people who do it but I definitely won't support that crap of trans to another gender... Be happy with what u have... A girl with a d**k and I guy with breasts... That's so not cool or right...

  • Transgender may be the new black but it's the old fucked-up.

    While I can accept and laud the internal bravery that it takes to become practice transgenderism, we shouldn't laud it as a lifestyle. People who are transgendered are mutants, pure and simple, from a biological and evolutionary perspective. For a true transgender, the cause of the mutation may be genetic or gestational, but, nonetheless, it is a mutation. Cisgendered heterosexuality is the norm and the biological ideal for species propagation and evolution. Meanwhile, lauding transgenderism is dangerous in that weak minds of cisgendered heterosexuals may experiment and eventually end up with psychological problems. This is the nature versus nurture debate.

  • Calling transgendered the new black is very disrespectful to black people. Who I believe their social struggles are legitimate vs transgendered. Transgendered issues are such a small minority compared to blacks to the point it's insulting to make a comparison.

    • LOl

    • OMG The phrase actually originates in the fashion world. The colour Black is always considered chic and popular in the fashion world, so "____ is the new black" means that it is now being considered the new 'in' thing. NOTHING TO DO WITH RACE!!

    • Nah, Kevin Bacon wasn't in foot loose.

  • I just don't buy it. I have no problem with transgendered people. To each their own. However this seems like a publicity stunt. He doesn't even like men. Just wants to be a woman. After 65 years. NO Bruce your just a crossdresser taking advantage of the current public mood to continue to be relevant while you try and keep up with the kardashians.
    Also why is everything the new black? If you been watching the news the last few years seems like Black is the new black

  • Oops I accidentally just swallowed my own vomit!

  • Are they gorgeous? No. I am not going to pretend they are because it is politically correct. That said, to each their own, and I would never criticize a person for who/what they are attracted to and thus the same courtesy commands to be universal. Be it my opinion, yours, this guys, that girls, etc, etc.

    To consider them "the new black" is, again in my view, utterly and totally ridiculous (to say the least). Black individuals, albeit it a very long time ago, were sold by their own people into slavery. There is absolutely not a single conclusion that could be drawn in terms of similarity. On top of that, there also remains a very high end scientific community, despite attempts at censorship, that connect transsexualism with mental illness and have numerous primary sources to substantiate their position.

    My position is simple: if it doesn't bother me and mine and attempt to garner an equality PLUS one scenario, then I couldn't care less and more the power to them. However, once that threshold is crossed (in terms of a plus one scenario) and there is an attempt to make correlations that are ridiculous then I simply do whatever is in my power to avoid and not care (regardless of issue).

    Bottom line, I don't find them attractive by any stretch of the imagination but that is my choice and my choice should be respected just as much as the opposite. If someone told me they weren't attracted to me I would simply laugh to myself, tell them I appreciate their honesty and it wouldn't bother me (even in the slightest amount). Point being, why would I, you, this guy, that girl, or anyone for that matter, even spend one second worrying about what anyone thinks about them. Life is much better when a person doesn't care what others think (except those who matter to them of course).

    Frankly, I am sick of hearing about these ridiculous comparisons as if the gay community has some plight on equal footing as slavery, mass exterminations, and/or anything to that level. The only gay individuals who currently have any room to bring that up are those in the Middle East facing Islam.

    • You really wrote something that long on something you don't understand? The title has NOTHING TO DO WITH RACE!! The phrase actually originates in the fashion world. The colour Black is always considered chic and popular in the fashion world, so "____ is the new black" means that it is now being considered the new 'in' thing.

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    • Also, I think I just repeated, in a different context, the bar scene from Good Will Hunting. Same school, thank God.

    • Do you honestly believe this is me using "big words" to put down the intelligence of another? This may come as a surprise to someone such as yourself but there are those who actually use "big words" because they are apart of their vocabulary and it is the manner by which they convey whatever message they are conveying. Regardless, I have very little desire to deal with an issue about race, homosexuals and/or individuals who cannot comprehend simple contrasting statements that produces an elementary level correlation. If those words are too big for you feel free to let me know and I can dumb it down for you...

  • I really don't know why people have such an issue with her. It's not like YOU are her. Like grow up, shut the fuck up, sip your drink, live your life, and stop being "disgusted" with something that really don't concern you or your life.

    • I WOULD have agreed with you if this shit wasn't all over the place.. just like the rest of her family I actually think she's craving attention and will do anything for it. She could have quietly had a sex change and just lived a normal life, but she didn't choose to do that. Therefore everyone is allowed to have whatever opinion they like. If someone wants to talk about how disgusted they are, they have that right, if someone else wants to praise her, they have that right too. No one should be criticized for their beliefs and opinions. I am intolerant of people who are intolerant of free thinkers, and being a free thinker we're allowed to voice whatever opinion we want about Caitlyn. That's what you get when you're an attention seeker. On the other hand, if he was trying to live a private/normal life and paparazzi were harassing him, I'd agree with you, but we ALL know that's not the case. The entire Kardashian clan, including some of the Jenners, are a bunch of attention seeking hoes

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    • So you were born female and then turned male. now your considered straight? just trying to make sure im your saying. But your friend was born a woman and she likes men but turned herself into a man? Seems counterproductive to her sexual orientation

    • I was born male with a females body, something many cis-gendered people will never understand. But yes, I am straight and my friend is gay.
      Again, sexual orientation and gender identity are two separate things. You can be a transsexual man and be gay, straight, bi, pansexual, a-sexual, whatever sexual. Your gender does not determine your sexual orientation and never will really.

  • Really? A million other more important issues in the world and we are concerned with this? Wow wake up people.

    • Curious. Why do u find social issues not important?

      Society accepting and better understanding gender identity, thus less discrimination is society moving forward in my opinion.

    • Society is wrong about a lot of things not just transgendered people. If this is so much of an issue then the doctors that helped Bruce Jenner reach his goal, wouldn't have even worked on him. Point being not many people actually care because it doesn't matter to them either way. Who exactly is discriminating this issue? If you say society as a whole? Yeah people have opinions that's part of free speech and everyone has an opinion.

  • Stop making stupid people famous!

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What Girls Said 77

  • Ahhhhhhh, I'm in love with Andreja, she's so beautiful <3

  • I don't know if I find them gorgeous because there's heavy make up and a lot of surgery there.
    I like "natural" beauty.
    But I admire them for being who they are.

  • The commenters on this take are making me sick. So much ignorance, discrimination and hate.
    The headline of this myTake isn't great either. Geez.

    • I also see many who say that it is their choice to change and have no problems with that

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    • I don't care if you want to exaggerate or put your time on defending transgenders there are so many people who don't want to do it and also find their appearance unpleasant. So they express their dislike for these people's appearance and choice in carelessness and they are free to do so. Just like you are free to call them beautiful and women as much as you wish.

    • @siriuss-black not all trans* people are so fortunate to become actors/actresses or models. A lot of trans* people are not allowed a job because they're trans*. Just because a few manage to make something out of themselves, it doesn't mean all trans* people manage to do that. That's not equal opportunity, that's luck and a lot of hard work.
      Trans* people are about more than just appearance though. It's their identity. It's who they are. I think you're confusing drag queens with trans* people.
      I don't think "African people" when I hear starvation, I'm aware of the fact that starvation happens all around the world. Quit making assumptions about me, I'm not an idiot.
      Freedom of speech is NOT more important than human rights.

  • Beautiful people. You forgot to mention gigi gorgeous

  • They're pulling off being a woman better than I do. :(

  • oh my gosh! they're flawless!!

  • Transgender is the new white. He ain't black

  • I see a lot of transphobic

  • I think those people are STRONG, not weak. They are risking it all for their own happiness and well being. They may be criticized, hurt, and told they are wrong, but they will fight for themselves because nobody can do it for them. Taking care of yourself is not weak.

  • This IS NOT the new Black...

  • personally, I think if someone is born with male parts, than they're forever male even if they change how they look. The same goes with females. And because of that, its hard for me to see them as attractive since I still look at them as their biological gender.

  • transgender isn't about sex change, its internal. people who can't afford sex change still can consider themselves transgender., you can also get a sex change and still consider yourself your original; gender. personally i think gender is meaningless,. people are all sorts of variations of humans and sex divide doesn't clearly divide behavior. however following the logic of how you personally internal;is gender, clothing surgery make up even behavior has nothing to do with it.. its joist about how you feel.

    and she insult a hero., she just got 1,00s of $ worth of cosmetic surgery like the rest of her family. they are all attention freaks.

    one thing ill say--she does look better s an older woman than she looked as an older man.

  • Transgender is not the new black , Or whatever the new black mean. Black is a race of people , Which been around since day one created by God. I can't say the same for transgender people.

    • OMG! The phrase actually originates in the fashion world. The colour Black is always considered chic and popular in the fashion world, so "____ is the new black" means that it is now being considered the new 'in' thing. NOTHING TO DO WITH RACE!!!

    • I realized that yesterday , But the phrase is still silly to me.

  • He looks horrible. This is a disgrace. Sorry, but it's my personal opinion.

  • The true heroes are the men and woman who serve and protect our county so these 'stars' can make foolish publicity stunts like this. It's not brave because they're getting publicity and more money. Nobody is trying to shoot, bomb, maim, or torture information from these 'stars'.

    • Do u think (formerly known as) Bruce, is "pretending " to be transgender?

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    • Well stated.

    • @prof_Don 1000% yes. I buy him being a crossdresser. That's cool. Not transgendered at all

  • I can still clearly see their guys. Also... I don't know why, but this cracks me up. Also Bruce Jenner is photo shopped like f**k

  • They are pretty. But I don't think Bruce Jenner is a hero. He is going to make a lot of money off of this.

  • It's not really like being black. Once they've had the operation and look like the new them, they can walk the streets and nobody will know, they can have friends that don't know, they can hide it if they want to. Black people cannot hide their skin. Black people will be judged regardless, just on appearance. A trans can go for a job and nobody will know they're trans and they won't not get the job because of that, black people can't go to the interview and pretend they aren't black so they're more likely to get the job. They can't pretend they're not black so they don't get followed by security in stores or randomly stopped and searched.
    Yea it's a struggle, but it's not as visible as being black so they won't have half as much judgement.

    • "New black" doesn't refer to race.

    • Yes ma'am, i read more comments after and found out *face palm* there was just too many comments to read at once so i didn't notice before. I've heard a few gay people say being gay is like being black and assumed this was the same. Lesson learned, never assume.

  • I have a major problem with the Vanity Fair cover. Caitlyn's pose is awkward and the outfit is ugly. That being said, while I think it's amazing that our society has become so much more accepting of the LGBTQ community, I do not believe that Caitlyn Jenner is the best spokesperson for the cause. I dislike how much attention this event is getting simply because of the relation to the Kardashians.

    • I see no reason for Caitlyn to not use the platform she has. It is foolish to have resources and choose not to use them!

    • I'm not saying she shouldn't use the resources! That would be ridiculous. However, because of her ties to the Kardashians there's a part of me that doesn't agree with the popularity this has gained. There were countless transgender individuals before her that could have paved the way into social acceptance for the LGBTQ community but because we're kind of obsessed with the Kardashian family, it got put on Caitlyn. That much I don't agree with. If that makes sense.

  • Not too many people gave shit when Cher's child had a sex change.

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