Is Feminism A Bad Thing? Are Feminists Evil?

Is Feminism A Bad Thing? Are Feminists Evil?

A recent myTake on feminism begins with ‘Feminism constantly claims to be "FOR EQUALITY" if you suggest otherwise, you will quickly and often quite rudely or aggressively be confronted with this definition: "the belief that men and women should have equal rights and opportunities" ’ That is followed by “At NO POINT will you ever be given proof of this definition…” Excuse me, but a definition is a definition. It needs no proof. By definition a car is a vehicle. No proof is needed, it is just the definition. So regardless of anyone’s opinions on “the movement” or those who espouse it, it is what it is.

The writer then stated a list of what she called “false mantras” and stated they were endlessly debunked lies. The “lies” she was talking about were conclusions and facts from respected sources. For instance the “lie” that women generally make less for the same work. Though many women are able to break the constraints of their gender, most still face less compensation for the same work.

The Take then lists many cases of actions that seem to “prove” feminists are bad people. All it really proved was that there are some people who will do bad things among any group, and that some things are taken out of context to cast a group in a bad light.

So let me state some truths about feminism and feminists, starting with a definition of feminism taken from Wikipedia: “Feminism is a range of movements and ideologies that share a common goal: to define, establish, and achieve equal political, economic, cultural, personal, and social rights for women. This includes seeking to establish equal opportunities for women in education and employment.” That is what feminism is by definition, and no proof is needed for the definition. Who actually believes that equal rights is a bad thing?

And what is a feminist? Again from Wikipedia: “Feminists are people, both men and women, who believe in equal rights for females. Some active feminists may campaign for equal educational, economic, political and social rights. However, most feminists are passive in their approach but still strongly hold the view that men and women deserve equality within these domains.

It is a common misconception that a 'feminist' is a term relating just to women when in fact, many modern day men identify as feminists.”

Notice that feminism does not proclaim the women are equal to men. It states that women have equal rights. I don’t see anything bad in that!

Now who are some of the “terrible” feminists? Let’s start with this group:

These are feminists who believed that women should have the right to vote (picture from HarpersBazaar online). Most people have shed their cave man mentality and agree with that now, though many still harbor the belief that women can’t think and should not be able to vote. It appears that if you are anti-feminist, you are against women having the right to vote.

Elizabeth Blackwell was the first woman to graduate from medical school in the United States. (1849) Women in medicine were not accepted before that and most were still fighting it long after that. She was one of many women pioneers who fought for the right to practice medicine as long as they were qualified. If you are anti-feminist, you are against women doctors.

Without women like Rosie the Riveter taking over the “men’s jobs”, America would have failed during World War II. Women stepped up and proved they can do it while keeping America running and turning out goods needed for life here and for the war effort. Nobody complained about feminists then. Nor did they dare say that women could not do the job which they were obviously doing.

In simpler ways, feminists are making their mark in society all the time. Barbara Walters became the first female co-host of any news show, yet true to discrimination against females, she made only half as much as her male co-workers.

I cannot see any sane person believing that somebody should be judged solely on their gender, ignoring all other qualifications. Yet constantly people who should know better stand up and say something totally stupid.

I do not advocate the harmful actions of radical feminists. Nor do I advocate the harmful actions of any group. And I do not support the suppression of people trying to bring about equal rights for any legal, non-hateful group.

So how can you recognize a feminist?

Anyone who supports equal rights for women.


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  • Being a femininazi is a bad thing, being a feminist is not.

    Real feminist just want equality.
    Feminazis want to rule the world with their vaginas and blame guys all the time.

    • Okay, i can buy that. But there are some people who put all feminists in the basket that is reserved for feminazis.

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    • *I'm not interested in arguing with you

    • @rose004b lol yeah, I'd never block someone while arguing, but I see arguing as something pointless, no one will agree with the other because they have different views, and that's fine by me, if I can't make them change their minds... fine, variety is what makes the world interesting.
      I was annoyed by this whole thing being done in my fucking post, I hate notifications so much and Eugene knows it. I didn't want to shut him up, but he's stubborn as fuck lol

  • As a female, I feel that sometimes feminists need to shut the fuck up and not make everything about them.

  • I thought I commented on the myTake, but I guess I forgot. :/
    Anyway, wonderful myTake @Red_Arrow. :)

    • Thank you, but I think you said much of what I said in a better way and added a lot more. I definitely appreciated your myTake. Thank you for your kind words. :-)

  • Thank you for making really good points. I like how you put emphasis on the definition of feminism. I myself have a dilemma where I don't know if I'm a feminist or not because on one end I stand for equal opportunities given to women but on the other I don't agree with a lot of modern feminism issues or think of myself as sexist or a man hater like people claim feminists are. It makes it difficult for me cause what I see on the internet every day how feminism supposedly is I can't reflect that to real life where I've never experienced this so called feminist hate. Only on the internet do I see people whine and complain about the issues and dilemmas but in my every day to day life I experience none of it so that makes it incredibly hard for me to take things seriously in all honesty. I think plenty of people are just incredibly confused about it.

    • Thank you for your time on this. I think that much of what I tried to convey was better said in another Take shortly after mine. If you have not yet read please do so. It makes many excellent points and should clear some of your confusion.

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    • Asker: both men and women should be supporting rights for both genders.

    • @Applefan1 - A woman channeling her support (money) to breast cancer is not saying that prostate cancer is a waste of time nor is she laughing at it.. Not any more than my supporting the fight against the cancer that took my wife's life. Too many people twist the fight against something as not caring about anything else. And that is what I see from those who say that feminists don't care that some men have difficulties, too.

  • This is a very old post I suppose. I'm sorry but feminism should be obsolete and it's cancer for the West.

  • Yeah feminism is a bad thing. I'm not better than a man and I don't need special rights that men don't have. Men are awesome for the most part and the hating needs to stop.

    • Throughout American history, the right to vote has been given to women then taken back. The first law explicitly giving women the right to vote was in the territory of Wyoming in 1869. Utah passed a similar law in 1870, but the Utah women were disenfranchised by US law in 1887. President Wilson was against women's rights but changed his position because he needed women's backing for the support going into WWI. It was in 1920, less than a hundred years ago and after over a hundred years of "feminists" fighting for the right to vote, that congress approved a law guaranteeing them the vote. There were still attempts by states to limit voting by women by some states and feminists fought those. If not for all that long fighting by feminists, you would not have the right to vote. Do you think that your right to vote, gained by feminists, is a special right that men do not have?

      Outside the US, in Saudi Arabia women were first allowed to vote and run for office in 2015. Just the past year!!

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    • The ones who have poisoned feminism are the feminists themselves.

    • That makes as much sense as saying that people dying of brain cancer brought it on themselves. It has been the misogynists and the Faux News propagandists and the Rush Limbaugh wannabies who have been telling the lies. Are all feminists perfect? No. Are some even over the top by a long way? Yes. But the majority just want to be treated equally. Read the opinions of those who identify themselves as feminists on this myTake. Most are good, honest people just asking for equal treatment, not somebody who does not know what they are talking about coming on here and calling them liars, troublemakers, Nazis, etc.

  • I'm very happy to see that there are feminists on this site, most of my encounters with users ended badly when I brought up feminism

    • Unfortunately they could end up the same way here. A lot of hatred and twisted "facts" on here.

  • I absolutely HATE feminism. Yeah, you heard me. I used to be one until I found out the terrible things it has done. It's full of LIES. It's full of false and outdated statistics, sexism, bigotry, and hypocrisy. They try to make themselves seem like victims but at the same time want to be seen as an empowered, strong, and independent woman. Playing victim is not cute and makes you look weak. I don't need feminism because I am not a victim, I am a person. They say they help men when they refuse to help men, made a law that men will be arrested in any domestic violence scenario, shut down an MRM rally, closed down a men's abuse shelter, arrested men for the way they say on the bus/subway, shut down celebrations for international men's day at a university in UK, Buzzfeed is run by feminists and they mocked international men's day too, they threatened to bomb a men's suicide awareness group, defended Lena Dunham when she confessed to molesting her sister, and silence men when they wanna voice their opinions. Feminsim has done more bad than good. And when I bring it up they say "Those are not real feminists" you don't get to decide who's part of your movement and who isn't. Stop pushing the bad feminists under the rug. If you were a good feminist you would admit "Yeah, I know there are assholes that are part of our movement and I wanna do something about that." I have yet to see them help men or women where they have no rights. They have the courage to whine about not being able to walk around with their tits out even thought they already fucking have rights such as being able to divorce, to marry whoever they want, drive a car, go out alone, wear what they want, the right to own property, go to school, vote, get help when abused, be uncircumcised, and have a career. Women already have more rights and privileges than men and feminists still find non issues to complain about and focus them on women instead of helping women where they have no rights. They are very supportive of the LGBT which made me happy but then I saw the hatred and racism towards white people and accused them of stealing culture which is absolute bullshit. Feminism is not for everyone, it's women's rights. Feminism does not own equality. In a nutshell, feminism is the advocacy of non issues, victimization of women and demonization of men. And that's why I hate feminism.

    • Somebody has been listening to Faux News 24 hours a day.

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    • Whatever.

    • I'm glad there are still sane people left who see feminism for what it really is :)

  • Like in every group, the radical fanatics always give bad fame to the group "they support ".

    There is a group called feminazi, which are very radical.

    Maybe the whole thing is That each gender has pros and againsts, recognize and accept them, work and improve them, and if there is a problem, seek and accept help. However, That doesn't mean That there cannot be equality.

    • I am not so sure about the feminazis as a separate group. Way back a bunch of bigoted men began calling all feminists feminazis and tossing in exaggerations and untruths to stir up a bunch of "followers" to that way. Rush Limbaugh is definitely on ewho did and still does that.

  • Great Take!
    The idea of feminism is completely for equality for men and women. That shouldn’t just be bringing women up to the place where men are but also addressing that men are suffering in certain areas of life.
    You will get some people who follow this idea through, and whether it may be successful in their countries it’s still desperately needed in other countries.
    However, you will also get other feminists. Often described as feminazis, who have a thorough distaste for men and turn the idea of feminism into a hateful organisation - which it isn’t supposed to be. The men who go around saying that feminism is pointless and that women should shut up and get back into the kitchen are just as bad as the women who hold their ‘jar of men’s tears’.
    There’s also another side to feminism which I’ve recently noticed. It’s takes a minor problem that we can all deal with, escalates it with a hashtag of ‘this is why we need feminism’, taking advantage of the mass crowds and supporters therefore giving this idea that feminism is stupid and pointless.
    There’s so many aspects to feminism but the idea of it has been distorted by both men and women's view of how people should be treated.
    Please ignore all the mistakes if you can..

    • Do not worry about the mistakes. I often find mistake I have made after hitting 'Submit'. Many of them are my fumbling fingers, but often I will hit a key but it does not register. I have one key in particular that does that a lot.

      And you present a much more fluent and intelligent opinion than most people. It is a pleasure to read your writings.

      Thank you for your input, and please feel free to speak with me directly anytime if you ever wish.

    • Hahah, I always seem to find mistakes afterwards no matter how many times I proof read it!
      Thank you very much I appreciate that, you seem like a well respectable gentleman.

    • I do try to be. I don't put women down for being women. And I am more tolerant of some things that some women tell about their lives where others criticize them. This is a forum for expressing views and asking questions, and no one should be put down just for that. Some people get crappy towards others on here, and those I can get hard nosed with. Hope to see more of your inputs, even if I don't recognized you because you are anon.

  • "“But, of course, you might be asking yourself, 'Am I a feminist? I might not be. I don't know! I still don't know what it is! I'm too knackered and confused to work it out. That curtain pole really still isn't up! I don't have time to work out if I am a women's libber! There seems to be a lot to it. WHAT DOES IT MEAN?'
    I understand.
    So here is the quick way of working out if you're a feminist. Put your hand in your pants.

    a) Do you have a vagina? and
    b) Do you want to be in charge of it?

    If you said 'yes' to both, then congratulations! You're a feminist.” "
    ― Caitlin Moran, How to Be a Woman

    • lol. True. but some guys are feminists, also. And guess what? No vagina. But I am with you 100%.

    • Oh yes of course,.. I realize I failed to really answer your question, its not bc i don't care, i've just responded to so many of these i start to feel like a broken record.. As for the quote i just thought it was funny and handy as can be a bit of comic relief as well as helpful reminder for some.

      It made a point and made me laugh.. I can't say that about a terrible amount of things. :)

      Great post:-)

    • Thank you so much for those very kind words.

  • Yes it's bad. It gives a false sense of unity. Women compete with each other for jobs, men, etc. I hate women. And I'm a woman. Hear me roar 🐅🦁🦁

    • women compete bc of feminism?

      so why do men compete-- before feminism even existed?

    • I think you have lived through too much history to be talking that way.. unless you had a very sheltered childhood. or you are not really 33.

    • @Azara I'm 33 alright and I've seen a lot in my day

  • Fantastic MyTake, of course feminism is not evil, but there are some extremes in any group or movement in the world.


  • @Red_Arrow

    Why are you so awesome? You're speaking to me with this MyTake.

    • Do you mean that you think this way, also? I am getting a lot of hate from some people. lol.

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    • Oh, yeah, I can just feel the evil vibes!

      Anyway, great getting to know you. :-)

    • Thanks, it was great getting to know you too.

  • Answers to your title: Yes and yes.

  • I like this well written take.

    The only problem I have with feminism are the radical feminists and that non-radical feminists aren't condemning them and actively trying to shame them for smearing the positive image feminism once had.

    • I agree in a way. I am not gung-ho on the moderates shaming the extremists. It takes a bit of hard core to stand up against groups. But I also would like to point out that the positive image you are referring to that feminism once had, was not really so positive. When the suffragettes fought for the right for women to vote, many (most?) men were against them, and so were many women. Suffragettes were often dragged off to jail. Feminism then was not so "noble". Looking back, we see that the "extremists" amongst the suffragettes were the ones that accomplished things and we respect them for what they accomplished. Perhaps someday, many of the current "extremist" feminists will be seen as heroes. I'm not sure how many will, but I expect at least a good number of the will.

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    • Agree with things like meeting the same qualifications. totally. In fact, I thought that it had been decided that way. Maybe someplace other than your local area. I don't know for sure.

    • Wait.. it is? Why do people keep talking as if it's decided that firewomen have a lower bar to pass? -.-

  • Yeah. Us femimists are evil vessels for satan. We are here to take all o mens rights away and eventually destroy them.

    • Uh-huh, uh-huh! I see that. lol

    • We also steal babies. Hide yo kids hide yo wives. 😂😂

  • @Red_Arrow you are the man :) And I'm the woman, and you see things exactly how a feminist woman wants others to see her. Thank you.

    • You are very welcome! Glad that my thoughts on the topic are shared by you. Thank you for your opinion. :-)

  • Great factual take there Red_Arrow :)

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  • 100 yers ago, feminists were about equality. They were honest about what they stood for.

    Now, they are corporate shills looking to climb over men to get to high positions. They want supremacy. They don't care about most women, just their circle of privileged wll-connected ambitious princesses.

  • Just face it, people.

    "Feminism" is a word that isn't going to be reclaimed. It's gone. "Feminism" is a fat woman with a manly haircut screaming about "get your laws out of my vagina!" as she protests for the right to have her own unborn children dissolved in salt acid, as she talks about how horrible and patronizing "benevolent sexism" is and how it hurts poor women.

  • 1|5
    • oh my god im laughing so hard *Ahem*

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    • I don't listen to his show, but the few times I heard bits and pieces it's clear he uses satire just like The Daily Show or the Colbert Report

    • @rjroy3 - I have listened to more than just bits and pieces (till I got too sick to listen to more) He goes far beyond satire. He makes up "facts" instead of satirizing them.

  • The core concept of it when it was first created no was not, but overtime like any group became corrupted and took a wrong turn and now we are left with the twisted result. I agree with the core concept of it to a point, and do not agree at all with the current group.

    As the Anonymous user below me stated

    "A definition is a definition."
    Yeah, a car is a vehicle but I could call a pineapple a car and the definition of car would remain the same, but I'd be wrong and a complete idiot. Pineapple is to a car like feminism is to a gender equality movement. It doesn't conform to the definition, so I would say "feminism" and the "modern feminist movement" are entirely different kettles of fish.

    The history is irrelevant here, in the past yes feminists did good work but that doesn't mean that just because one takes the label that one is doing good work. You didn't comment on contemporary feminism at all, which is what people really have a problem with.

    "If you are anti-feminist, you are against women doctors."
    Again, it was past feminists that brought about female doctors, the present ones aren't doing such a good job.

    "I cannot see any sane person believing that somebody should be judged solely on their gender, ignoring all other qualifications."
    No shit. Affirmative action, anyone?

  • "Is Feminism A Bad Thing?"
    Not the entire thing no, but as of late large parts of it had become bad.

    "Are Feminists Evil?"
    Mostly no but many of them are and you can NEVER tell the difference at first glance because the "normal" feminists do jack to discredit the "crazies".

    • And the "normal" men do nothing to discredit the men whose attitudes the feminists are fighting.

    • @Take Owner good point.

    • What is there to discredit now? Used to be that the societal norm was for women to be 2nd class citizens. Now it's thankfully not like that anymore. Now the only bad ''attitudes'' come from men who are either just inherently sexist or rapists themselves - and what can you do against them? Tell them to stop?

  • Title questions?
    1. Yes
    2. Yes

  • "Equal rights, equal rights! You can't hit me, I'm a girl!"

    Quote above gets me every time. LMAO

  • Ok seriously? You can't call that research if you just keep using wikipedia. That's not an academic source at all.

    I care for equality amongst men and women and I'm certainly not a feminist and I'd appreciate it if you didn't try to slap that identity on me like Nazi's slapped the star of david on jews against their will.(If you don't want me to make comparisons to the Nazi's then stop copying their habits)

  • The reality is that men and women can never be truly equal. Physically and psychologically we will never be. Men are and have always been deemed masculine. In that we are the seekers of success, the providers, the hunters and gatherers, the dominant and possessing more strength. Women are typically great at being the nurturers, the compromisers, the advisers. And there's nothing wrong with that. But in order for us to live in a truly equal society, men need to be willing to execute and carry out duties that women do. Example, office jobs, medical, college. And women need to be willing to do the deeds that men do. I. E. Construction, sky scraper window cleaner, garbage man, or freaking dying for your country. Sure women occupy some fields that men do but let's be honest the average woman would never want to do jobs like those. Not many women do in fact occupy those fields. Therefore, men and women will never be equal. And I don't think that we are meant to be equal. I think we are supposed to compliment each other. Work together as a fully functioning healthy society. I think we've definitely lost that with the rise of the feminist movement. There used to be a time were men and women did compliment each other. Now it seems as if we're enemies. We freaking hate each other these days. Men face domestic violence just as much if not more than women. Women aren't taken seriously as much as they should be. Fathers are losing it all in divorces and committing scuicide because they can't see their children. Women are less happier than what they used to be. Instead of fighting why dont we just work together? Why do we have to live by what society is telling us to live. Which is a lifestyle of one that is drawing us apart so much that we may not be able to return.

    • The thing is that feminism is not looking to be equal. that would require surgical alteration. They are looking for equality. The opportunity to be given the same chances to prove their qualifications to get a job and to get equal pay for equal work. As for the differences, whil in the Navy is saw many women who could lift heavier weights than guys and who did many "male oriented" jobs better. For example, I saw women handling lines on tugboats. That requires muscle to carry heavy lines, as well as tossing them across the water to piers and other watercraft. Also strong and fast legs to move around quickly while carrying the loads. Many of these women were doing much better jobs that the men alongside of them.

    • No doubt but still today even there is more men in the navy then there are women. There are definitely women who are stronger than men. Not denying that. But statistically and as for the bigger picture. Most women if you talk to them do not want it or won't sign up for a job like that. The seals opensed the doors to women. I'm sure there are women who can make it through buds but how long before a sexual harassment charge is filed against a fellow seal for making a comment about something that's not related to her. There's just no place for women in seals or even special operations communities. They won't be able to shower in the same room. Won't be able to get undressed in the same room. Won't be able to sleep in the same room. Is she going to be able to pop on a tampon on the go in the field. High pathetical? Sure but a very real possibility. Now I've met sme pretty "beefy" girls but even then they will not be able to fully function as a single unit with others male seals.

  • Of course, feminism is a bad thing. Especially for every woman who is married or she plans to. In a couple both the husband and the wife should be a team where the main interest should be what improve way of living of the entire team. Feminists are just worried improving the way of living of women , just the 50% of the team. Sometimes if the way of living of somebody gets better have the consequence of getting worse the way of living of somebody the quality of living of the team does not get better. Why to be happy about it unless you are a feminist?

  • This is exactly right. I wish more people realized the importance of feminism.

  • I suggest you search;

    Thomas Sowell versus feminist (you tube)

    also search;

    girlwriteswhat (you tube)

    and watch a few of her videos.

    there's more to it than you know.

  • No one really has issues with equal rights for women.

    It's when feminist say it's about equal rights for men and women, when it's really just about women's rights. It even says so in the definition you gave: "Feminism is a range of movements and ideologies that share a common goal: to define, establish, and achieve equal political, economic, cultural, personal, and social rights for women. This includes seeking to establish equal opportunities for women in education and employment.” Specifically states "for women". Meaning if the man is disadvantaged in a particular area that doesn't matter, so let's just move onto the next issue where women are at disadvantage.

    Again, not a bad thing for equality for women to be sought after and I doubt many people would disagree with that. But... the thing is now a days women do have equal rights to a man. So focusing on women's rights over all others at this point is leaning towards female dominance. I'm not saying there aren't women's issues that matter, because there are, but men face issues as well that go ignored. I support both men's and women's issues, so I'm not a feminist. Because feminism is inherently about helping women and not men. But I do believe in equality for both sides. Feminism does not equal equality. Feminism = equality for women. That's the only reason I don't prescribe to it.

    • "Feminism = equality for women" okay equality compared to what? Equality compared to men. It is not about getting ahead, it is about getting to "equal". Just as you used a term on the left of the equal sign, and another term on the right, equal has two objects to consider women AND men.

      And in the myTake are many examples of both inequalities in the past, and areas where work is still needed. Plus many of the opinions expressed more examples. Just as not all Muslims are terrorists (only a very small number of them are), not all feminists are feminazis.

    • You're making my point for me. It's equality, with an asterisk on it. Equality... when the women are at disadvantage. If women have the advantage, then move on.

      Imagine this being a scale of equality. 1 is advantage, 2 is disadvantaged, 3 is equal.

      We were here

      Men, 1111111. Women, 2222221

      Feminism brought us to
      Men, 3331222. Women 3332111

      Now with feminism we're trying to get to.
      Men, 3333222. Women 3333111

      At what point does it address the scenario men are disadvantaged? It doesn't. Because it is about equality for women, when they are at disadvantage. If women have the advantage they don't fight for equality for men to be on equal footing, they move onto the next category where women are at disadvantage.

    • exactly! lets have child custody equality,
      military draft equality,
      and that ALL types of jobs must reflect gender numbers in society, including sewage workers, garbage men, ditch diggers, butchers, slaughter yard feed lot cleaners, etc. equality all the way!

  • Depends. The ones who get offended by opinions that aren't elaborated upon, yes. But those who state their beliefs peaceably, not at all.

  • States feminist is not a bad thing... lists definition and then only shit done at the beginning of feminism.

    Definition means SHIT if the actions of the group are the opposite of the definition.

    Feminist WAS a good thing. It is now a poison bigoted hate group.
    The battles they fight now are non-existent or already won.
    Wage gap - Shown as bullshit so many times by so many that it's pathetic that some still believe it's a real thing.
    Rape "culture" isn't a thing - The 1 in 4 stat constantly suggested is from a feminist named Mary Koss who fluffed the definition of rape to the point where regret was considered rape. Real rape as per the bureau of justice statistics shows that over the last few decades it's been less than 1 in 1000 taking into account non-reported but not taking into account the 40+ % of false accusations which are taken as real. So it's actually less than the 1 in 1000.
    Women get rapes less than men get breast cancer (1in1000men)... how many men you know with breast cancer?
    Domestic Violence is almost 50% female to male (only it's ignored) and 70% of ALL non-reciprocated violence is female to male, which only 10-20% is in self-defense. 71% of all murdered children are by mothers. Less than 1% of hospital visits are due to domestic violence.

    There is not a single item fought by feminist in western society which is actually a real issue. NOTHING.
    Feminism in eastern cultures fight for real things, but western feminist don't care shit about them, unless they are using them as a support thread because they have nothing of their own to use.

    What does a feminist look like... they usually look like a person who doesn't do any research before jumping on a bandwagon and ranting about how much of a victim they are.

    If you want the sources for these I can send them... there is a fairly long list all of which are from government statistical databases or scholarly reports, not biased skewed human surveys.

    • You are a little late. We already heard that bullshit and disproved it all from others like you.

    • Hahaha Nice try. You are known for trying to stur up shit and using ad hominem attacks on all those who show you how stupid your shit actually is. You want to act like a smart ass... show me 1 non-biased feminist stat that disproves wage gap, domestic violence, rape stats, or any of the other nonsense feminist myths.
      The second you list a personal attack or a bullshit feminist based stat you lose.
      Here is a list of 286 scholarly studies showing domestic violence is equal, women commit it 70% of non-reciprocated and all the other shit you want to pretend doesn't happen.

      I already gave you the link to the actual GOVERNMENT CRIME DATABASE showing rape stats being less than 1 in 1000.
      and here's the bullshit mary koss study...

    • You have yet to "disprove" shit, here or anywhere else.

  • Sure its definition stands but it doesn't mean that to everyone who practices it.

    It's like how Islam isn't the same to normal muslims compared to extremists.

    There will always be people who hijack a term and are often successful into turning it into something else.

    There has been a feminist movement in the west where society has in many ways been turned into the favor of women rather than just create more of a balance. Women now have careers and do jobs men are perfectly capable of. There are even some jobs now which are almost exclusively jobs for women which have been done by men in the last.

    It's all well and good for women to be given some of men's things but where it is going wrong is that there has been no alternative lifestyles created for men. Men aren't biologically equipped to do the woman's job of staying home looking after children.
    So men have lost their status in society and gained nothing, whereas women have gained yet lost nothing.

    Traditionally and biologically men are hunters, providers and defenders and women are gatherers and nurturers. When you change that, you change everything and unless you're as perfect as nature, your actions will only damage the balance.

  • First-wave feminism is the only good kind of feminism, and it has already been achieved.

    Second, third, and fourth wave feminism is fucking cancer.

  • Like most lect-wing causes, yes, feminism is a bad thing.

    Women already have all the same opportunities that men have, what feminism pushes for these days is not equal opportunity, but equal results, even if an unequal effort is given.

    As is the case with most left-wing causes, they want redistribution, they want something for nothing. If a male surgeon makes $500,000 a year in salary, feminists want the unemployed stay-at-home mom to make that same $500,000, OR they want the surgeon to pay a majority of his salary to be given to various unemployed women, with the final numbers ending up being about the same for take-home pay for each person.

    If you can find an example, ONE example of a man and a woman with equal qualifications, who were hired by the same company, on the same day, for the same job and where the man did NOT negotiate for a higher salary and the woman did NOT take more time off of work than the man, where the woman makes less money, THEN you can tell me women don't get paid the same amount of money for the same work. Otherwise I'm sticking with the fact-based belief that the "gender pay gap" myth came about by litterally comparing male CEO'S to housewives.

    • When you were saying that women already have the same opportunities that men have, I figured you were badly misguided. But when you came up with the idea that feminists want unemployed women to be given the same money as an employed surgeon, I knew you were a nut job and no response is needed.

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    • So you couldn't get it through your head before, don't see why I should try now, you're simply not smart enough to grasp the concept.

      The funniest part is you must be aware that your argument is baseless because you continue to avoid my question like the plague, you have no examples to cite so you resort to "oh that's so stupid I just don't even need to respond" rhetoric. If you had a proper example you should be happy to share it to make me eat my words, but you don't. And all this is after you suffered someone who compared feminism to naziism, a woman nonetheless.

      I saw on at least one other answer you cited the Huffington Post to back up your claims, you are aware that the Huffington Post is a tabloid in all but classification right? The article I've read on there are things I've wondered if they plagurized from the Onion because they're just as credible.

      I can never help but wonder if people like you are just that dumb or if you're just trying to stir up a nest.

    • I have made it clear that the answer are already here. He ignored that. I have given him his shot at his opinion. He has abused that. Let him go on to his own myTake and say what he wants, but I am not putting up with anymore of it here. He is blocked.

  • I don't get why we need feminism here in America. In other countries it's quite obvious. I'm all for equality and keeping everyone's rights equal and held no matter the circumstances. That being said, all the rights here in America are the same. If anything, women have more rights than men. But that's a topic for another day. If there is a "wage gap" it will on a case by case basis per company because there are laws in place that make that discrimination. As for the rape culture, that's illegal too. No one goes around encouraging others to rape. It's illegal and highly looked down upon. But all in all, I support equal rights for both genders, not just women.

  • An article explaining the difference between feminism and egalitarianism.

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