Aliens Among Us

Aliens Among Us

Ever wonder if aliens are about to attack from Uranus? If the government has brainwashed you into thinking aliens dont exist? If your neighbor is an alien? Well wonder no more.

I'm here to tell you the truth people, not lies and to show you how little freedom you truly have.

1) Memory Foams

Why do you think they are called that huh. That's because "memory foams" record your memories and then send them to the government so they can find out whether your banging a fat chick or blowing your postman.

2) Anal Probes

Did you know aliens probe your ass to harvest farts which they use as fuel to run spaceships on their planet.

3) The Space Station

Who gives a rats ass about the space station. What are they doing up there huh? Growing genetically modified weed grass in space & having tax payer funded zero-G swinger parties.

4) Area 51

Area 51 is a fakeass BS invented by the government to throw you off the real one; Area 52.

6) What the Government can do

When I was growing up we had nine planets, now it's eight. Where did the other one go? I mean... that is some shit when you can be the government and make a planet disappear.

Where did they put it? and who's living there?

7) Google

Ever wonder how google can predict what your trying to search for; that's right aliens. There is no way humans can do that shit, it's all aliens. They know what your thinking people, thats how they know.

People say I'm nervous and paranoid but I'm not. There is a whole world of stuff out there that they're hiding and I intend to find out what it is.


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