Changing your beliefs to "just fit in"

Well the entire internet is splashed with the rainbow after yesterday's supreme court decision. Truth be told I never supported it BUT I knew it was coming. I always supported civil unions between any gender sets but I felt like marriage was something quite different entirely. I felt that it was something only churches and faith institutions should manage. Not the government.

I'm not particulary upset about gay marriage legalization however I'm more terrified about how so many people flip flopped their beliefs "just to fit in". If you were always about gay rights....fine I get it. I have multiple friends and family members who were vehemently opposed to this 10 years ago. Even one of my most homophobic friends colored his facebook profile with a rainbow colors yesterday. What happened to these people? Most of you will argue that "oh...they are just enlightened now and got with the times...". Really? Did all these people devote themselves to gay culture, history & politics in the past few years? Did every one of them have close gay friends (some do, but most don't)? Or maybe these people took up the rainbow flag because "oh...look's cool now....I better fit in". Or maybe some of these people didn't want to be ostracized/bullied if they disagree? If it's the last point...that scares me.

Changing your beliefs to

I'm just shocked and amazed that 3% of the population can wield so much power over the masses. What else can people so quickly change their opinions on if they get bombarded by it in the media & pop culture? Anyway I expect to get some hate from this take. Go ahead and blast away at me with the "bigot" and "homophobe" labels all you want. No one will stop's cool now. Truth is I am a legitimate nice guy...however I will not change my values and beliefs "just to fit in" with the crowd. I'm sure that offends you, but I stand my ground.


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  • Yeah I noticed a lot of that now. It's about fitting in or being cool but more so being ostracized/bullied if they disagree. Any celebrity who disagreed with Bruce Jenner's change into Caitlyn Jenner was attacked on social media and ended up having to apologize.

    • I'm glad there are some young ladies out there who can think for themselves. With all due respect I find young women to be the most impressionable when it comes to media brainwashing.

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  • I agree with you, and i always stand up for what i believe in
    i still dont support homosexuality, and i never will
    people say i am closed minded, but in reality what they fail to realize is that what they call "open mindedness" isn't necessarily a good thing, because many "open minded" people lack the ability to discriminate right from wrong

    a bit of a rant, but i have been getting a lot of shit from my friends/family for not supporting homosexuality


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  • im fine with gay people. i dont hate them and i dont love them because i dont personally know EVERY gay person out there. it pisses me off how people say "omg i love gay people!" how could you love gay people when you dont even know each and every one of them? or how could you hate them? you dont have to agree with their choices in life but you do need to respect them or at least leave them alone. good take.

    • the thing is it's not enough to respectfully disagree with their choice or even silently disagree (liberals are putting people on the spot) nowadays. Gays want more and more and more...

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    • i totally agree with you. i also hate how people have to be put down for others to be "equal". for example now white women are ugly and white people are terrible yet blacks are beautiful and amazing. im not saying that blacks are ugly or bad but seriously? im white and i never did anything wrong.

    • you can't fight fire with fire. Fortunately there are some minorities, women (including you), LGBT people out there understand this approach is only a short term gain and is ultimately leads to self destruction. However I believe what goes around comes around. Unfortunately I happen to be alive in this time of reverse oppression.

  • There are many psychological articles researching how the minority can influence the majority.


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  • People are majorly "sheep" who will follow the others not even knowing why at times, just to fit in, as you said. The advertising industry knows it well.

    Pull the correct strings, put some celebrities and leaders to publicy endorse something and spread the word it is the new coolest thing around and you'll have the crowds of sheep following them. It works for anything.

  • One point. The only two things needed for a marriage to be legal in most free countries are a license and some one to pronounce it. It doesn't matter if the Pope presides over a wedding in St. Patrick's Cathedral before 500 people, in the eyes of the law a gay marriage has just as much legitimacy.

    • so if a gay couple demands to married in a christian church that refuse the ceremony... are they in a position to sue them (when they can just go somewhere else)?

  • I'm sure the nazis thought they were pretty nice guys themselves.
    You see, subjectivity loses its value when you use it to harm people.

    • not following your point. Please explain

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    • You're 24, shut the fuck up!

    • yeah yeah... fuck you I'm right and your wrong... I'm going to lose my temper like a 5 year old kid, blast you progressive "hush" words (i. e. "nazi", "bigot", "homophobe") when I can't win an argument rationally. Noxifer626 you are going a all star poster boy liberal when you grow up. Keep it up, good for you.

  • People don't change their belief's to fit in, they either change their belief for a different reason and it happens to be that they now fit in better, or they just say it's different to fit in, but privately don't agree with the masses.