Do you agree that all American law enforcement are abusive in their authority?

Seems like more and more I put on the news I see these left wingers showing a video of a police officer spraying OC or shooting a 'poor innocent person' Coming from a Law Enforcement family and having gone through the police academy as a self sponsor myself I could probably tell you that 95% of these officers were following applicable tactics and procedure. I think most of American society views the world through a colorful, fruity, and nice colored lens. They don't realize how fcked up the world is and how fast a washed out tweaker will turn on an officer and try to kill or hurt him. I cringe when people say we should disarm our police officers. It's a shame that our own president doesn't back up our officers when in a time of need. It's a shame that the career path of law enforcement is no longer respected by the public. I've experienced this first hand. Being back in college and applying for jobs most will stay very quiet and have sort of a biased face expression on their face of judgement when they find out. It really is a shame.

All this being said of course you get your few bad apples just like there are in any career or social institution. Out of my academy class of 64 recruits I could probably tell you that only 3 of them that graduated probably shouldn't of been there. Truth be told I don't think anyone should judge and say "I would of done this" because you have no idea what the fck you would of done. When it comes to pucker factor x9000 you're movements and tactics are muscle memory and based off your training. Nothing else. You have no idea how you would of handled the situation because you were not there.

Perfect example of how quickly a situation will escalate from a consensual encounter to a fight for your life

My academy class. Do you agree that all American law enforcement are abusive in their authority?


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  • They certainly seem to be on a power trip.
    Specially now days they displaying predatory behavior.
    The problem I have is that that they are supposed to shoot to kill if the suspect is resisting or appears to be charging them.
    Even if the suspect is unarmed.
    Why not shoot to disable?
    These harsh protocols need to be revisited.

    • Not trained to shoot to kill. trained to shoot to stop. Most of the times taking a couple rounds center mass will Stop a suspect pretty quickly. Aiming for a hand with a knife is a very unlikely shot to make. A man could sprint at you with a knife from 10 years away within the matter of seconds. He cuts you disarms you then what? I wouldn't take that risk.

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  • I respect police. They are what keeps America together.

    And if you ask me... that Michael Brown kid deserves no respect or sympathy. And that has nothing to do with the color of his skin.

    • I just gained a hell of a lot of respect for you. Thank you for saying what so many people are afraid to say.


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  • You find corruption in any organisation. What bothers me is not the few bad ones who, say, shoot an unarmed man running away who has committed no dangerous offences five times and then try to make it looks like he grabbed for the officer's taser. No, what bothers me is the good ones who stand by and do nothing and say nothing. Also, while not always relevant, there is a lot of racism still present. It is not often hateful but rather fearful, making officers paranoid and jumpy when a suspect is a person of colour. Look at the one who had a black man pulled over in a gas station, for a minor traffic violation I think. He asked for his licence and registration while both people stood outside. The man reached into the vehicle to get them. The officer yelled to get out of the vehicle. The man complied and quickly leaned back out, and was shot, not fatally. Shot for complying completely.
    Law enforcement officers need better training in crisis intervention and de-escalation, and the prison mentality of not "ratting on" one another, even when one's partner has committed a murder, has got to end.

  • I don't think that every policeman is abusive, but some of them really fcking exaggerate. Some of them are way too biased, trying to find anything that can be used as an excuse to be a brutal dickhead ("he was resisting arrest" / "i was just defending myself").

    For example, i remember the time when a kid was tased to death for tagging a building. I know tagging is wrong etc, but the guy was supposed to be arrested and do his sentence, not fucking get tased to death. Do you remember the time when the police shot a guy in the head when he was surrounded, with his hands raised, just because he was talking louder than usual and holding a screwdriver? Like WTF.

    The whole point of the police is to keep the peace and bring criminals to justice, not to cause mayhem in the streets/ do what they want to do.

  • everybody should be scared of cops because they are out of control and everybody should have a gun because cops ARE the problem

  • Yup. Pigs are nothing but a bunch of bullied kids with authority.

    Most pigs are too stupid and too poorly trained to be allowed carry a firearm, and yet people are still getting shot and people are still getting killed by these clowns. Illegal detainment, vigilantism (making up laws on the spot and enforcing them), infringement of basic rights, murders, lethal force, unnecessary force, brutality, profiling, and yet I'm supposed to trust a pig? Fuck that.

    • A case in point: You think you DESERVE respect for being part of the police department, even going as far as to show off your class photo. Nobody is impressed; Nobody cares.

  • I don't, I mean I do think situations are getting a bit out of hand, but overall we have the most less abusive police force across the world. I mean try Greece/ Itally where they are all armed with Uzi's and literally beat drunks on the streets, the U. S gets a lot of flack but other countries have have far worse abusive police officers

  • Yup. Pigs Are Nothing But A Bunch Of Bullied kids with authority.

    Most Pigs Are Too Stupid And Too Poorly Trained To Be Allowed Carry A Firearm, And Yet People Are Still Getting Shot And People Are Still Getting Killed By These Clowns.