A nice tip on life from my experience...

A nice tip on life from my experience...

For everyone out there who thinks not giving a fuck = being lazy, being defensive, saying whatever you want whenever you want without thinking of consequences took the wrong perspective on the phrase.

The positive AND correct approach to "I don't give a fuck" is really, "I'm not needy/dependent and won't be affected if I don't get what I want."

Didn't get that promotion?! Oh well, work harder. Amplify strengths, marginalize weakness.

Girl didn't respond?! NOT Oh I don't care, her loss, bitch, I didn't like you anyways... IDGAF!! I'm a man! (Defensive, bitter, child-ish) and meanwhile, she's doing yoga with her mom or something.

Oh well *shrug* She might be busy (You should be busy too...) if she doesn't respond then "Oh well! Plenty of fish in the sea."

Being rude and snobby because IDGAF? No, being cool and calm... if other people are rude and snobby, I laugh... because it doesn't affect me. Don't join the crowd, especially if the crowd is lost and living a life of standards that aren't their own... live your standards.

If you say you don't give a fuck or you don't care what people think... more than likely you care the most. (That was me 4 years ago.)

Don't understand, shame. If you do, great; happy living!

Lasly, Alpha/beta/lettuce/omega - all bullshit. We aren't packaged sardines. It's a guide to live by, you're not a cartoon character.


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  • Lol!! Great Take, i enjoyed it! It is so true , it made me laugh too. 👍👍👍


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  • "For everyone out there who thinks... ah fuck this. Too long."

  • Hahaha dafuq lettuce?

    Overall good take tho. The phrase itself is a bit derogatory but the lifestyle implied is one of deep personal awareness, the ability to let events and thoughts go with out clinging to them is quintessential for happiness.