International candies I would love to try!

Often prople in other countries wonder how American candies taste. Often I have heard that our chocolate is a lot sweeter than their chocolate. Or, our candies are often sour. Here are a few international candies i'd love to try.

Kinder Egg

International candies I would love to try!

Sadly these candies are banned in the USA due to choking hazzards, so there is no change of ever getting one here.

Snake Lollies

This candy comes from Australia. We have similar candy here in America called Gummy Worms, but i've never seen gummy snakes.


We have similar candy here in the US called Whoppers. But everyone in the UK, Ireland, and Australia I have seen taste Whoppers say these are better.

German Candies

I have always wanted to try candy from my ancestors country of Germany. They look similar to US candies but may or may not be as sweet.

So there you have it! Some international candies I would love to try. If any of my International GAGers have tried these let me know! And, If you've tried American candies feel free to share your experiences!

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  • That's really the reason why they banned Kinder Surprise eggs in the US? Choking hazard? That's fucking hilarious. Anyways, I haven't had one of those in about 15 years but it's just basically a milk chocolate shell with a cheap novelty toy inside. I used to love seeing what I could get.

    And Maltesers are better than Whoppers, although they're both tasty so I'll take either one. They sell both in Canada.

    • unfortunately its a fine up to twenty five hundred dollars per egg which means 12 will get you fined $30,000.
      I think it's stupid. Why can't America join the rest of the world and go metric etc...

    • It's funny. So many kids in the US have easy access to guns and drugs and whatnot, but the government is afraid that they're going to choke on some plastic and die.

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  • Really Kinder eggs are banned.
    C'mon the toy comes with a warning that it's a choking hazard. You're supposed to break it apart not swallow the thing whole I thought it was obvious.

    • yes but the ban goes all the way back to 1938

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    • I meant biggest banking city lol
      Do you have a lot of smoking in the US?

    • Biggest is NYC, and yes, Winston Salem used to be home of the largest cigarette factory in North America


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  • i feel sorry for y'all. so grateful for our confectionary now. the one u must also try is timtams. although it's not really candy but u get the point

    • they kinda look like twix bars or kit kats lol

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    • wid a hot-air balloon maybe?

      i mean fly above US wid a hot-air balloon and toss a basket wid kinder surprise eggs... or sth like dat...

    • @justbanannaz @mskay We do have Tim Tams here, I went to Walmart this morning and they were on the shelf. They are like $3.00 a pack though lol

  • How have you not had snakes or Maltesers? How? You my friend have not lived.
    If you ever come down under though, and decide to buy some snakes, make sure its not a home brand. Home brands are shit.

    Get Starburst. They're delicious.

    I know plenty of people who haven't had, or rarely have Kinder Surprises so I'm not too concerned about that one. (They aren't cheap).

    You have to try maltesers though. As a matter of fact I feel like going out and buying some now. Too hard I can't be stuffed walking. Oh well. I have MnMs.

    • We have starburst here. and M&Ms but we have more flavors lol. What is a home brand is that like a non name brand product?

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    • Yes its all USD

    • We have a lot of refineries in the Gulf of Mexico especially in Louisiana and Texas. So, the delivery costs aren't as high. I don't really know why we're cheaper to be honest.

  • I would want to try Japanese candies.

  • Will trade you some maltesers for some Little debbies oatmeal cream pies... may also add in the rogue kinder egg :D

    • Kinder eggs are banned in the USA, but i will try to send the creme pies in the future :)

  • Germany has wide range of schokolade.
    Rittersport is amazing <3 the flavors are unending.
    Mozart herzl (herzl = heart). It is filled with sahne, pistachio and marzipan.
    Milka chocolates are also amazing specifically the ones which feel airy and porous.
    ferrero küsschen (küsschen = kiss) with hazelnuts.
    Hanuta <3 yummy. No comments for this one. Its very very German.
    I think we get Kinder surprize here too.
    All the dark chocolates are super tasty. Einfach lecker (Simply tasty).
    The schoko bons and yogurt chocolates are also lecker

  • You can order foreign sweets on Amazon.

    Kinder eggs used to be the daddy of kids chocolate, they're one of those things that you keep buying as a grown up because the toys were so damned cool! Now they're rubbish and you can't even build them yourself, just premolded crap. Should be able to get them in the states now, Kinder chocolate is lush, I'm lucky that I have a Lidl store near me so I buy all the foreign chocolate from Germany there.

    Maltesers are awesome though...

    • Yeah I think the ban is stupid and plus they fine you hefty for each egg like up to $3000 each

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    • That is if airport customs dont catch you

    • Amazon dude, Amazon. com.

  • I've tasted Kinder eggs, Maltesers, Kinder Schoko -Bons and Kinder chocolate.
    I can tell you that I like all them. I'm a big fan of white chocolate Maltersers.
    I thought you had Maltesers in U. S.

    • We have a similar product called Whoppers but they are not like maltesers

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    • Exactly. I thought they had maltesers in the US. Its very popular in my country !

    • Me too. They're also popular here. @Sam19XX

  • When I was a kid, I used to eat Kinder eggs often, because I collected the toys they had inside. Maltesers are tasty, as well as some of the german sweets, like the colorful worms and the kinder schoko-bons

  • I ate all of them, yum. :3 😎
    I tasted some of American candies and they are really good too. ^^
    by the way, great myTake! ☺

  • I love trilli saure gluhwurmchen and apfelringe!! So good😋😋👌🏼

  • Have a PO box? I can send you some.

  • That looks yummy, nice take! :D


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