Great Natural Wonders of America!

Every country has beauftiul scenery and natural wonders! I am going to share a few Natural Wonders of America with you today.

The Grand Canyon

Great Natural Wonders of America!

277 miles long (446km) and 18 miles (29 kms) Wide! The Grand Canyon is one of Americas most visited National Parks. You can ride donkeys, lots of hiking and canoeing in the area as well!

Great Smoky Mountains

A chain of mountains that borders on two states: Tennessee and North Carolina. The Cherokee Indians called this are Shakonohey or "The Land of the Blue Smoke". They get the name from the smoky mist that surrounds them. There are lots of wildlife in these mountains, Including the most famous the Black Bear.

There are lots of attractions and fun things to do in the Smokies. You can go hiking, canoeing, Shopping, The Dolly Parton themepark known as Dollywood is also here, Which I highly reccomend a visit to if you ever go it's so much fun. There is also Moonshine made in the area legaly to be sold by distilleries and craft beer companies. The highest peak in the Smoky Mountains is known as Clingmans Dome which is at 6,643 feet above sea level, and is the 3rd highest mountain peak east of the Mississippi River.

Niagara Falls

Lies on the US/Canada Border. These falls are very beautiful and serene. You have to wear a raincoat though to visit them as you will get wet! The falls are also lighted at night to give a beautiful look and also freeze in the winter time!

There are lots of other attractions in the area as well on both borders!

So here are just a few of Americas Natural Wonders!

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  • Fuck man, makes me wanna move there even more. Beautiful!

    • I agree! The Last 2 I have been to, The Smoky Mountains are very beautiful and natural and there are lots of hiking opportunities

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  • I haven't really had the motivation to go to the Grand Canyon, but I have always wanted to go to a mountainous region like the Great Smokey Mountains now I'm older and all. I remember going on some snowy mountains when I was much younger and lived in Washington. They were good memories.

    I love the outdoors and exploring/seeing wildlife, so I hope to visit these places one day. Nice take :D

    • The Smokies are a very nice area for hunting, fishing, hiking, and everything nature. My cousin used to own a motel in Gatlinburg which is like one of the big Smoky Mountain tourist towns. They have a Aquarium, Ski Resort, Space Needle, and lots of other stuff.


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  • Dayumm these places are gorgeous!

    • They really are! there's lots more gorgeous places here too, which i'll mention later, but I wanted to focus on these three since they are the most popular areas of the US.

  • I love it such beautiful places ❤️

    • They really are :), At least I can vouch for the latter 2 I've always wanted to see Grand Canyon. There are a few more I'm going to list soon in another take.

  • You are from the Appalachians
    You are lucky to have lived in such a bestutuful natural place


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