How To Make Happiness Last

How To Make Happiness Last

Happiness is a state of mind where you feel purely euphoric thoughts, feelings, and memories, while holding the negative ones back. It can be from a result of anything like, falling in love, watching your children, passing a class you were hoping to ace or even getting a new dog. As much as happiness these might bring, we cannot rule out the fact that it may only bring happiness temporarily. So how do you make happiness last, what is the key or steps to achieve the nirvana of happiness? Well, that key is going to be you.

To reach the final step of happiness, you need to realize that the door will not open for you. You have to actually go up to it and open it, to see what is on the other side. Ever heard of the phrase, "Whoever does the labor, enjoys the fruit"? Happiness is a fruit of your labor, your conscious desire to have a positive outlook, while not allowing others bitterness to intervene. You are the sole piolet of your body and if you press the right buttons, you can soar past the cumulus clouds trying to preclude you from achieving the pursuit of happiness.

I end this with one of my favorite quotes from Aristotle;

-Le Fin-


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  • Definitely! Happiness is not something that comes to you, is something we achieve by following our desires, being true to ourselves and having a positive attitude towards life <3

  • Nice MyTake :) <3

  • nice mytake 😎