Problems Only Tall People Understand

Problems Only Tall People UnderstandOkay, first off, I am not that tall. 5'7" is not that tall, but I have experienced some, if not all these things at one point. My height is on the tall side for girls, and in elementary school, it was way worse. Being the tallest kid in the class can have its downfalls. I still experience some, if not all these things today.

Being tall can be awesome at times! You are literally a giant among most of humanity. You can see everything that is happening in crowds! Isn't that awesome? Unfortunately, such an awesome physical trait can also be a curse.

Awkward hugs

You know, when you see someone you know, and you misjudge their height. Their face comes up to meet your chest, or for the ladies, your boobs. They hug you, and their face nuzzles right into your boobs as you hug them. Can cause a lot of awkwardly sexual moments.

Beds are too small for you

Aw, you want to go to sleep? You run into the bed and jump in, snuggling into the sheets. You stretch out, and to your dismay, your feet dangle right off the edge of the bed. You pull the covers over you, and the sheets slide right up those long legs. Sucks to be you.

People can't see past your tallness

At events, it can be annoying to be tall. Not for you, because you can see everything that is going on, but for all the short people around you. You turn around to see them craning their necks, trying to see past your tallness. You awkwardly try to move so they can see, and you catch a glimpse of the dismay on their faces. Ugh, sorry. What do they want you to do? Shrink?

People automatically assume that you're good at basketball (when you're not)

"You're really tall! You should play basketball!" Uh, no. I'm like a giraffe on roller skates when it comes to sports.

You easily outpace your short friends

You're walking...walking....walking... You turn around and it looks like your short friends had supposedly vanished. Oh, wait, they're just running to keep up with your giant steps like baby ducklings.

Bathtubs are cramped

Like beds, it seems that bathtubs weren't constructed for your abnormally long legs. You have to contort your body in awkward positions just to fit inside. Sucks, doesn't it?

Your knees never seem to fit under desks

Especially those tight, cramped school desks. Your knees are right at the same level as the top of the desk, and your freakishly long legs don't seem to fit under them. You have to straighten your legs to fit them under, or move up a little. It's hard to put your head down for a nice nap in this position.

You're forced to stand in the back for group photos

Remember being the tallest kid in your elementary school class? You literally towered over your classmates. You grew faster than everybody, and nearly all the kids in your class struggled to catch up. It's picture day, and it was time to get into position. Your grade school teacher made you stand in the very back. But, why? Couldn't I cross my legs and sit in the front? No sorry, that spot was reserved for the short kids. You just had to deal with it, and most likely you still do.

You have to crouch awkwardly to get in the frame

"Group photo time!" Your friend takes a picture and somehow your entire head is cut off. They make you take it again, and this time you have to crouch, or they have to move back... really far.

You were always picked as the goalie

In gym class, the team captains always saved you to be the goalie for some reason. You know, because tall, lanky kids made the best goalies for some reason.

That feeling you get when you meet somebody taller

Oh boy...

Your legs are in the way at school, legs, buses, and airplanes

Your legs are awkwardly sprawled out in the aisle because it's uncomfortable for your legs to be cramped up like that. Someone isn't watching and trips over them. Oops... Well, it isn't my fault that school buses have seats super close to each other!

Swings are no fun for you

Want to have a nice, relaxing swing at the park? Too bad for you, because your legs are too damn long! You have to pull them up if you want to have a little fun.

People use you as a beacon in large crowds

"Aw man, where's the rest of the group?"

"No, it's fine, I can see Brian from here. Let's go!"

Your tallness has saved them five seconds of wondering around.

Awkward public bathrooms

You have to take a shit (or pee, if you're a lady like me). You get in, sit down, do your business, stand up, and wipe. can see over the stall and there's someone right next to you... Oopsies!

Well, I hope you enjoyed this sort take about the comical disadvantages of being tall. Have a great rest of your day! :)

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  • As of lately the tall people i'very run into are rude as fuck. 😑

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    • Wow I would've smacked him

    • Hah hah, I felt like doing the same but if karma exist I hope it kicks him hard.

  • Saaaaaaaame

  • I'm 5'9. I come from tall stock on my dad's side of the family. I became the tall girl in the first grade and have been so ever since. Every family photo (specifically with my mom's short side of the family) or photo with friends, I stick out like a weed. I have definitely experienced just about everything on the list. The funny thing is, kids made fun of me a growing up, but it never bothered me. I loved it and it made me feel unique. I still get the jokes even now as an adult, but I wear high heels, when I hug short friends I make the "beep beep" sound trucks backing up make, as a lower myself to their level to hug them, and of course I give them hell when they suddenly need the tall girl to get something down from a high shelf... oh, now, my height isn't so funny, a? LOL! I think every body type has its challenges (flying on long flights, sitting in cars with no leg room) that suck, but I think embracing them, and loving who you are and what you can do with your amazing body, can really make the difference in whether you hate yourself for it, or love yourself for being who you are.

  • i am not tall but i have long legs especially when you consider how short i am. I totally understand. i feel my legs are in the way when people try to pass me, when i take a relaxing bath i have to bend my legs in order for the water to cover everything, and whenever i sit under a table then decide to cross my legs, i hit something mostly my knee or thigh that is always painful.

  • I'm 5'2" and regardless of height I am constantly walking too fast for my friends. Even the tall ones! Ugh. Walk faster people. It hurts to walk this slow.

  • <----5'1"(154cm)

    Liar! 5'7" is tall. :P

    Yeah the hugging a tall female friend is weird when the boobs end up in your face. :( That's why I do side hugs in the case.

    Don't tall attractive people have a higher chance to be models as well?

  • I am 5 7'' too.. lol. and yeah. I have to deal with a lot of these.. specially the awkward crouch while taking a photo... outpacing people.. can't sit comfortably in most places.. and shitty bath tubs..

  • This is so adorable because I am the duckling friend who loves tall people!

  • The only points I disagree with are the first and eleventh one. Short people also understand these problems. I dont want to bury my face into your chest, especially if you're a girl 😂 so hugs are awkward for us too. Also, its awkward seeing people taller than us too, people always say "wow, and I thought I was short!" And other comments like that. Great take, just wanted to point those out cknsiderig the take is called "Problems ONLY tall people understand"

  • bahah im 5'7, well 5'6 1/2 but yea lol. Most of my friend are 5'2 and under my BFF is 4'10 so when im around them people think im like 6 ft. LOL, heels ! I can't wear heels because I feel like I giant when i do.

  • And there was me thinking that my husband is tall at 6' 7" .. He's a positive shortie in comparison to some of those in the pictures!! lol :)

  • Same, dude, same. Plus I hit my head on literally everything.

  • This is hilarious, I actually have to deal with some of this

  • When my brother was 12, he was 6'1
    About as tall my dad
    He's 16 and 6'6 now he's a big boy

  • as a girl who's 5'10" I can definitely relate to most of these! Haha good list

  • OMG yes!
    As a 5'10" girl I can relate to each and every point on this list!
    For some reason, though, buses have always been the worst for me, like you know those tour buses that you use to hop cities & stuff?
    IT SUCKS HELLZ BALLZ when your knees are being pushed against the hard back of the seat in front of you because your legs are just too freaking long! 😤
    Oh, and then there's pants (jeans in particular) always looking a little three-quarter on you..

  • Women expect you dong to be I proportion to the rest of you. Smallest dick I ever saw was on 6.10 guy at school and the biggest was on a short guy.

  • This made my day considering i'm 6'4 tall, my brother is 6'10 and my dad was 7'4 before he passed on and my mom is short, so it is really relatable :) Thanks for the laugh

    • You're welcome, and you are very tall! :)

    • I am, i am always the tallest in my classs and work place now :( although i feel intimidated by taller people, lol

      I never used to be proud of my height but now i see it as if i am a celebrity since everyone looks at me like this :O and talks about me XD Love being tall now

    • That's good. 😄 I'm glad you like being tall

  • You poor people... I'm so sorry. :(

  • 5 7 always seemed on the shorter see t me. maybes bc you were tall when you were young so you're still remembering that feeling of being the giant. bc as an adult at 5 7 sod you really experience any of these problems?

    i could see it if you were 5 7 in 5th grade (i was. it was weird bc everyone expected you to be a grown up. then id have friends who were my age but a foot shorter and people would treat them like 'llittle girls'. not sure that would have been better but both are awkward) .. but as an adult?

    • Heh, yeah I just remember being the tall kid.

    • lol it was crazy. i thought i was going to be a foot or two taller than everyone forever.

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