Beauty In Nature

Beauty In Nature have always astounded me. Some feel asthough their daily life is to busy to stop and smell flowers. When I take the time out to enjoy nature and all her wonders, my mind becomes clear and I am less stressed and feel relaxed. I'm sure that this improves my health.

Beauty In Nature

No matter where you live you should enjoy at least some of what nature has to offer. Often I find myself rubbing the leaves on a bush or day dreaming with my eyes fixed on a tree. This is something I sometimes do without much thought.

For covience purposes you could buy or pull up a plant. Keep it hydrated and talk to it. Yes I said talk to it. The plant need the carbon deoxide and you need the oxygen.

Remeber tell the plant good things. The plant pick up on those vibes and grow with much more ease and in return you are less negative. This for some reason has an effect on the plant.

I for one have first handedly experienced it during two different class science projects, one in elementary and another in highschool. The seeds with the negative talk sprouted at a much more slower pace and in some cases didn't sprout at all.

Well this is myTake on nature. thank you

~ Nightmare Neal


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  • I agree. I love and appreciate a lot of beauty in nature. Being emerged in nature can definitely be therapeutic. I believe our capacity to enjoy it is in our dna and has been instilled or imprinted over millions of years. A lot of people's attention has been captured by new technology outlets and largely disregard the ability natures beauty can naturally entertain and sooth us.


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  • I have always enjoyed and felt a special connection to nature. I try to get out whenever possible because it gets me away from the fast pace of life and it is nice to slow down for a while and recharge the batteries before heading back to life and responsibilities.

  • I love natural booty too.